5 July 2023
5 July 2023, Comments Comments Off on Spain’s caravan industry association (ASEICAR) says 75% of motorhome rental fleets are reserved for this summer
Spain's caravan industry association (ASEICAR) says 75% of motorhome rental fleets are reserved for this summer

According to the Spanish website, www.autocaravanas.es, data from the Spanish Association of Commerce and Industry of Caravanning (ASEICAR) says interest in outdoor caravanning tourism continues to rise despite the global automotive crisis, and concludes that Spain needs more places to accommodate motorhomes as it expects more than 225,000 of the 12 million motorhomes that will travel through Europe this summer to head to Spain.

In addition, it says that waiting lists to acquire a new motorhome have lead to 90% reservations of rental vehicles, although inflation has reduced the average trip this summer from 10 to 7 days and the price of fuel forces many to make shorter motorhome trips.

Aseicar says that the pandemic of 2020 changed the way people enjoy holidays, not only in the summer but at other times or for weekend breaks, and the caravanning sector has been one of the great beneficiaries, first by obligation (security in coexistence during the pandemic) and now, by satisfaction: enjoying nature, without schedules or haste and with freedom of movement.

According to data from the sector’s employers, the Spanish Association of Industry and Commerce of Caravaning (ASEICAR) says that more than 150 associated companies have more than 75% of their rental fleet reserved for this summer with the average rental period now around seven days; that means about 50,000 motorhome rentals over the next two months.

In total, around 225,000 motorhomes and campers will circulate on Spain’s roads this summer, totalling about 675,000 people (3 on average per vehicle). Aseicar predicts this will generate income in shops, restaurants, gas stations worth more than €230 million (€ 150 of average daily expenditure per vehicle and seven days of average route).

However, it says there is an important deficit – a lack of motorhome areas to absorb that volume of vehicles in the summer. Currently in Spain there are about 1,200 authorized areas but it says it would take another 1,800 to serve those 250,000 motorhomes. France alone has 7,500 areas, 5,700 in Germany and 4,800 in Italy.

Aseicar recommends avoiding crowds in non-authorized spaces, respect the different regional and municipal regulations and, of course, the environmental environment of the areas visited.

The full story is available on the following link: https://www.autocaravanas.es/50-000-alquileres-de-autocaravanas-previstos-para-este-verano-2023-527065/?utm_campaign=%5BAUTC%5D%20%5B2023%5D%20Newsletter&utm_medium=email&_hsmi=73531512&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-8_FX4kiwaEMddhsk0lY7MSyw2R_5TVbZVM52x1Q8IprDbOfdJT7MxChVEtIbhgnDbdab6zRD_eK6xj-PfLuSFd17550TmzOLQegd1qfAdc3z9mr2k&utm_content=73531512&utm_source=hs_email