2 March 2024
2 March 2024, Comments Comments Off on Sonja Gole retires from Adria Mobil after 28 years
Sonja Gole retires from Adria Mobil after 28 years

After almost 28 years of managing Adria Mobil, Sonja Gole, has decided to retire and left the company at the end of February. She will be succeeded by Gregor Adler.

Gregor Adler has a Bachelor degree in economics (University of Ljubljana) and has extensive, long-term experience in various companies and management positions. He comes from the SIJ group – Slovenian steel industry, which is one of the leading producers of stainless and special steels in Europe. He was employed in the SIJ group from 2014 and as a director managed various companies, at home and abroad, and has gained experience both in the field of management and organization of sales as well as production activities.

For the past year and a half, Gregor Adler has held the position of director of the company SIJ Ravne Systems, which is part of the processing division of the SIJ group. Based on the confirmation of the company’s supervisory board, Gregor Adler took over the management of Adria Mobil in the position of General Manager as of March 1st, 2024. 

Sonja Gole has been connected with Adria Mobil throughout her entire professional career, and in 1996 was entrusted with the most important function – at that time she became the General Manager and took over the leadership of Adria Mobil.

At that time the company only had 186 employees, and Sonja Gole and her team laid new foundations for the business strategy and reorganized both the business model and the sales network across Europe.

Under her leadership the product development continued in the direction of innovation, quality, functionality and a well-thought-out pricing policy.

As a General Manager, she always emphasized the values ​​of hard work, respect and, above all, team work, and has directed Adria Mobil’s strategy by her own example: “As a manager, I always followed the goal of long-term development and growth of the company in a way that includes all stakeholders. With the results we have achieved, I believe that we have more than successfully achieved our ambitious goals,” she emphasized in one of her interviews.

In the following decades Sonja Gole managed to stabilize the company and successfully lead it through all the turbulent periods of crises, economic fluctuations and geopolitical friction. The sales network expanded, the amount of products sold grew and the Adria brand became more and more recognizable, respectable and desirable among customers.

In the years that followed, Adria Mobil achieved many excellent results in virtually all areas of operation. With a clear management strategy based on investments in product development, excellence in marketing and sales activities, and employee satisfaction, Adria Mobil is today recognized as one of the most reputable manufacturers in the European industry of recreational vehicles, while its products are among most desired in Europe and produced in one of the most technologically advanced production facilities in the industry.

With her determination, ethical attitude, charisma and a dedicated team of colleagues, she gained trust and reputation among business partners as well as among employees, on the basis of which she steadily and successfully led Adria Mobil to the very top of Europe over three decades – results that Adria Mobil achieved during this period speak for themselves.

Adria Mobil’s Supervisory Board accepted and approved the mutual agreement of ending Sonja Gole’s mandate as General Manager; she retired at the end of February and thus bringing her successful career to an end.

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