RV industry prepares for next week's RVX: the RV Experience show

7 March 2019
7 March 2019, Comments Comments Off on RV industry prepares for next week’s RVX: the RV Experience show

America’s RV industry is getting ready for the important, new format, national exhibition next week, RVX: The Experience, in Salt Lake City from 12 to 14 March, which expects to attract many new customers to the RV lifestyle and convert them into sales.

The RV industry has experienced strong sales across the dealer network in recent years, but wants to keep that momentum going and grow from 500,000 units to 600,000 and beyond.

RVX promises to bring the RV industry together in a new venue where manufacturers and suppliers can unveil the latest products to their dealers. It also provides the first spring opportunity for dealers to order new models orders to ensure they have the products today’s consumers are looking for.

A new ‘Kick-off Camping Season’ PR and marketing campaign across America coincides with the start of RVX, and is supported with extensive online activity which aims to reach as many consumers as possible.

RVX will also provide opportunities to learn about emerging consumer trends, growing consumer segments, and how through promoting new products and marketing to consumer personas, it can attract new customers to the RV lifestyle.

For more information, or to book tickets, go to http://www.rvx.org.