25 November 2022
25 November 2022, Comments Comments Off on RVshare’s 2023 Travel Trend Report says 61% of Americans are planning an RV roadtrip or vacation
RVshare's 2023 Travel Trend Report says 61% of Americans are planning an RV roadtrip or vacation

RVshare’s 2023 Travel Trend Report predicts another blockbuster year for travel. According to new research conducted by Wakefield Research, nearly all Americans (99%) are planning leisure travel in 2023. The RV travel boom continues with 61% planning to take a road trip or vacation in an RV. Travelers are still seeking relaxation and time with family and friends, and work flexibility continues to evolve and become a more permanent lifestyle for many Americans, ultimately affecting their travel decisions.

According to Wakefield Research, 99% of Americans are planning leisure travel in 2023, with 51% planning more than last year. Among them, 61% are planning on taking a road trip or vacation in an RV.

As Americans plan to book more leisure travel in the next year, the report shows that RV interest has continued to grow with 62% likely to consider renting an RV for a trip in the future, a 9% jump from 2022.

Survey results reveal that the economy won’t be stopping vacationers anytime soon. Inflation is unavoidable, but just 2% are likely to cancel their vacation because of it. In fact, 88% of Americans are planning to travel as much or more in 2023 compared to last year. Instead, travelers are considering cost-cutting options such as cooking their own meals instead of eating out, travelling off-season and partaking in fewer fee-based activities.

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