12 January 2022
12 January 2022, Comments Comments Off on RVIA announces a Kevin Phillips Scholarship for RV Technical Institute TrainingRV
RVIA announces a Kevin Phillips Scholarship for RV Technical Institute TrainingRV

The RV Industry Association (RVIA) in North America has announced a new Kevin Phillips Scholarship in honour of Kevin Phillips, one of its previous Executive Board members and who was the President of the RV Group at Airxcel when passed away in April 2021.

This scholarship will help cover the cost of RV technician training at the RV Technical Institute for new high school graduates, people leaving the military, or those who tried college and found it wasn’t for them.

For people just entering the work force or leaving the military, training costs are just another hurdle to overcome. But through this scholarship, financial assistance will not only help the new technicians, but will also recruit more RV technicians, a key resource that is severely lacking for the ongoing success of the RV industry.

“Last April, we lost a great leader, good friend, and colleague. At the time, many asked what they could do for Kevin’s family. I discussed an idea with his wife SeAnn, and we thought perhaps the best way to honour his legacy was to establish a scholarship in his name at the RV Technical Institute,” said Airxcel President & CEO Jeff Rutherford who also serves as RV Industry Association Chairman and on the RVTI Board.

“You all know Kevin was passionate about the RV industry, about his activities with the RV Industry Association, and his involvement in helping set up and establish RVTI. He was a true advocate for continual learning and saw vocational training as an alternative to the idea that everyone needs to go to college,” added Jeff Rutherford.

To establish the scholarship, Airxcel will be making an annual contribution to get the scholarship established and help keep it going. The hope is for others to also donate to the fund, increasing the number of new technicians that can be trained. Currently, the cost for one year of RVTI training is $300.

 “This industry has provided so much to all of us. I encourage you to consider a contribution that will not only provide the industry with qualified technicians, but that will also support the vision that Kevin helped create,” Rutherford continued. “There is a real opportunity here to build a much larger fund and make a long-term impact to the industry in Kevin’s honor.”

Anybody who would like to make a contribution should contact the RV Technical Institute in Elkhart.