9 May 2016
9 May 2016, Comments Comments Off on Revealing the new cassette toilet Thetford C220
Revealing the new cassette toilet Thetford C220

Thetford presents the new toilet C220, based on the proven concept of the C200, with high quality primary functions and a new design. Thetford C220 is developed to replace the C200, made in 1993. A timeless design with the proven concept of a carefree toilet.

“For the development of this toilet, we first studied and defined the primary functions and the required performance level of these functions. That brought us to the core of sanitation and is reflected in the new C220. It’s strong in its purity” states Maarten de Roos, Director Sales and Marketing of Thetford Europe.

Thetford C220 has a bigger and deeper bowl and an improved bowl geometry which gives an improved use of the bowl space and flush. The seating height is increased and now meets 492mm, to facilitate a more comfortable seating position. A key element, especially for the OEM, is the footprint and the impact on their vehicle layout. Thetford C220 footprint matches the latest toilets from Thetford, the C260. This forms the future footprint. For the C220, the existing C260 and for all future models of cassettes. The standard is set.

A clear waste-holding tank level indicator informs the user when to empty the tank. In contrast to the classic C200, carrying the full waste-holding tank is history, since the new Thetford waste-holding tank offers the ease of having handle and wheels. The newly compact design of the C220 reflects nowadays style. The swivel bowl is well-known and a Thetford invented principle that is also incorporated in the Thetford C220. It optimizes spaces and comfort in the mobile bathroom, where “space” is a key-word. Thetford C220 will be available in the three known models S/ CS/ CW, equipped with or without flush-water tank, manual or electric flush and with or without console. The service door 3 can be installed in either portrait or landscape orientation to give the OEM full flexibility.