17 August 2021
17 August 2021, Comments Comments Off on Renault to present Hippie Caviar Electric Show Car at Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2021
Renault to present Hippie Caviar Electric Show Car at Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2021

Renault will premiere a Hippie Caviar Hotel Electric Show Car, its vision of a 5-star escape, at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf later this month alongside a 1977 Estafette campervan.

Renault says it has reinvented the world of campervans with the HIPPIE CAVIAR HOTEL. It says you can relax in a hippie-chic van and take in nature’s beauty from the rooftop.

The offbeat design brings the 5-star hotel experience to your escape: furnished roof terrace, exterior removable bed, delivery by drone, etc.

This two-tone “happy” show car is inspired by the 60s movement and its style is a throwback to the iconic Renault Estafette campervan.

With the HIPPIE CAVIAR HOTEL, Renault has set its sights on developing a range of VIP vans centred on customised services and the arrival of the electric version of Trafic in 2022. Renault Design chose the new Renault Trafic to imagine a nomadic life with all the space, comfort and modularity necessary for all journeys. The van’s dimensions also make it easy to park, for a stress-free life.

HIPPIE CAVIAR HOTEL features the new Renault Trafic design with a more powerful and expressive front end. It consists of a cabin at the front, in a glittery water-green colour called “Almond Flakes”, and a room at the rear in “Anodised Silver Grey”. The design is inspired by 5-star hotel rooms, refined and rich in natural materials. The wicker-effect dashboard is enhanced by a leather band. The use of materials, such as exotic wood, natural fibres (linen and wool) and plant-based foam, is a nod to nature. The Japanese paper- effect “washi” paints add an architectural and contemporary style. The colours and materials embody the optimism and freedom of the 1960s, when travel was immersed in a world of fresh but controlled colours, both invigorating and relaxing.

Inside, there is a bench seat that can be converted into a comfortable bed (145 cm x 195 cm) that can be positioned outside or inside the vehicle. In the “contemplation” position, the open tailgate and its draperies provide privacy and protection from the weather. In the “cosy” position, the bench seat and the corner armchair create a lounge area. The rooftop terrace, complete with a coffee table and two removable backrests, offers another view of your surroundings. The rooftop can be accessed from an extractable ladder.

HIPPIE CAVIAR HOTEL offers a “select” experience with services worthy of a 5-star hotel: delivery of a logistics container (shower, lavatory, electric recharging point, etc.) to the location chosen by the customer, concierge services to be ordered online with delivery by drone on the roof or on the bench in the “contemplation” position. Not to mention additional services such as the provision of bicycles. Every detail has been considered in order to offer a 5-star campervan experience at a time when demand is exploding.

Renault will present the HIPPIE CAVIAR HOTEL show car at the Düsseldorf Motor Show, starting 27 August 2021.