3 June 2022
3 June 2022, Comments Comments Off on Renault announces latest all-electric van range
Renault announces latest all-electric van range

Renault has renewed its all-electric van range with the announcement of details of its all-new Kangoo van E-Tech and new Master E-Tech 52 KVH.

With a range of 300km, the all-new Renault Kangoo Van E-TECH offers a larger range, while the new Master E-TECH Electric 52 kWh is more versatile than before with 15 versions and a range of 200km.

Renault has sold more than 70,000 electric vehicles in the 36 years since its first all-electric Master prototype and 10 years after the first public sale of the all-electric Kangoo Z.E.

The all-new Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric draws on the legacy of its ICE predecessor, the same
van that won ‘International Van of the year 2022’. By placing the battery under the floor panel, the van’s cargo capacity remains unaltered with up to 3.9m3 of storage volume in L1 version (4.9m3
in the long format model, to be released later), 600kg of payload (800kg in long format model), and 500kg of towing capacity.

Other carry-over features include the ingenious and unique ‘Open Sesame by Renault’ with the largest side opening on the market at 1.45m, the innovative ‘Easy Inside Rack’ retractable interior gallery, the three front seats with fold-down centre backrest to create a mobile office, and the nearly 60 litres of cab storage compartments including the ‘Renault Easy Life’ drawer.

Thanks to its new 45kWh lithium-ion battery, composed of 8 independent and easily repairable
modules, the All-New Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric boasts a range of up to 300km in WLTP cycle.
Available on the versions with a 22 kW charger, the battery has a liquid cooling system and an
electrical resistance allowing use in the right temperature zone, and thus maintaining its
autonomy and reducing the charging time.

The batteries are guaranteed for eight years or 160,000 km. During this interval, they are replaced
free of charge if their capacity degrades to less than 70% of their nominal value (SoH).

Renault’s large electric van, the All-New Master Van E-TECH Electric 52 kWh has been given a brand new 52 kWh battery thereby increasing its coverage with a WLTP range of up to 200km.

Just as with the All-New Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric, conventional hydraulic braking is assisted by an ARB system (Adaptive Regenerative Brake System), which maximizes the amount of recovered energy regardless of the selected braking regime.

The van’s Eco mode – limiting the maximum power and speed – paired with low resistance tires ensure maximum range and maximum driving comfort.

There are two types of charging solutions for the van’s battery:

  • A single-phase 7.4 kW AC charger, suitable for all types of domestic charging.
  • A 22 kW DC charger for accelerated charging at public charging stations, allowing you to recover 50 km of range (WLTP cycle) in 45 minutes.

The All-new Master Van E-TECH Electric 52kWh battery takes 5 hours to reach 80% charge when plugged into an 7,4 kW Wallbox, and 10 hours on a 3.7kW domestic.

The All-new 52kWh Master E-TECH Electric is features the energy efficient electric motor with a power of 57 kW (76 HP equivalent). The is ideal for driving on both urban and peri-urban roads with great flexibility.

The All-new 52kWh Master Van E-TECH Electric  will be available in 15 versions (instead of the original six), with a choice of three different lengths and three different heights, available in 3.1t and 3.5t when orders open and later in 3.8t. The four van versions offer a cargo volume of 8 to 15m3. The two ‘cab-floor’ versions come in either L2 or L3 and are ideal bases for, flatbed, dump or large volume conversions that can carry up to 20m3.

The full-electric version boasts the same cargo space as its ICE counterpart with one of the largest storage volumes in its category.

Since 2011, the Renault factory in Maubeuge, located in Hauts-de-France, has been making Kangoo vehicles for customers around world.

Along with the Douai and Ruitz facilities, the factory forms the heart of the brand-new ElectriCity hub, Europe’s largest and most competitive EV production centre, through which Renault plans to produce 400,000 electric vehicles per year by 2025.

In an effort to industrialise production of the private and commercial versions of the All-New Kangoo, as well as vehicles from partner brands Mercedes and Nissan, and to guarantee the highest-quality production possible.

Renault has invested €450 million in the factory and installed a new battery assembly workshop.

The electric motor and charging units for the All-New Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric are all manufactured at Renault’s Cleon factory in Normandy.