18 January 2024
18 January 2024, Comments Comments Off on Readers of Promobil magazine vote Thetford top for Toilet Systems
Readers of Promobil magazine vote Thetford top for Toilet Systems

In an annual survey, readers of the German RV magazine, Promobil, who voted for their best brands of 2024 put Thetford as number one in the Toilet Systems category (again) by an overwhelming majority. They also placed Thetford second in the Refrigerators and Cool Box category.

There are few brands in any market that have been a market leader for such a long period of time, which suggests high customer satisfaction.

Norbert van Noesel, Marketing Manager at Thetford commented: “As Thetford, we never want to get used to this position, but we want to work hard year in, year out to maintain this position. And, although we have grown to represent much more than sanitation, we are still very proud to hold this first position.”

Thetford is also pleased to announce that it has grown to a strong market position in both refrigeration and cooking appliances and achieved second place in the ‘Refrigerators and Cool Box’ category.

Norbert van Noesel added: “Thetford is proud to become second within this category. Having no history of offering cool boxes, but with a growing position in both gas absorption and 12V compressor refrigerators, Thetford grew to a market leading position. We see this election as an encouragement to continuously develop ourselves in this market segment.”