28 January 2019
28 January 2019, Comments Comments Off on Promobil and Caravanning announce the Best Brands for 2019
Promobil and Caravanning announce the Best Brands for 2019

Two leading magazines in Germany, Promobil and Caravanning, have announced their Motorhomes of the Year, Caravans of the Year and best accessory brands for 2019, as voted by over 22,000 of their readers.

These awards are recognized as prestigious and coveted by the caravan and motorhome industry in Germany. They are also considered a trend barometer. 

As in the previous year, AL-KO secured first place in the chassis technology category with 67.8 percent. Second and third places were taken by Goldschmitt and Linnepe, with 48.4 and 10.3 percent, respectively.

Truma was the clear winner with a total of 77.3 percent of the vote for heating manufacturers. Alde came second with 35.1 percent of the vote and third place was occupied by Webasto with 31.6 percent.

The most popular toilet systems, like last year, are Thetford , which was in first place with 77 percent. The 2nd and 3rd places were taken by Dometic (37.8 percent) and Fiamma (7.6percent).

AL-KO was also the most popular leveling system, but closely followed lowed by Goldschmitt which was only 9.1 percentage points behind. Linnepe was third.

For air conditioning manufacturers, Dometic was first with 57.2 percent of the vote. Truma followed in 2nd place.

Dometic also won in the refrigerator category with a clear win with 78.2 percent of the votes, while Thetford took second place with 32.6 percent, and Webasto was third with 15.7 percent.

First place for awnings was taken by Thule, with Fiamma second, and Dometic in third with 19.4 percent of the vote; for caravan awnings/sun shades, Isabella took over the first place.

The most popular moving system brand for caravans is once again AL-KO with a score of 77 percent. Truma was in second place, and third place went to Reich/Easydriver.

For bike lovers, the most popular carriers are from Thule. A total of 51.3 percent of the votes put Thule number 1 among the two-wheel carriers . As in the previous year, Fiamma (30.1%) and Sawiko / Alko (15.1%) rank 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

With 42.8 percent, Oyster claimed first place for satellite systems again this year, followed by Kathrein and Alden with 23.6 and 20.5 per cent of the votes, respectively .

For solar systems. last year’s winner Büttner again secured first place with 49.8 percent. Solar Swiss and Telair are new on the podium. Telair lands just behind Solar Swiss with 8.7 percent, securing second place with 11.7 percent.

Honda scored 34.7 percent among the generator manufacturers and retained first place. Dometic was second with 24.5 and Efoy third with 17.8 percent.