17 January 2024
17 January 2024, Comments Comments Off on Pininfarina-designed electric motorhome stars at CES 2024
Pininfarina-designed electric motorhome stars at CES 2024

The iconic Italian design house, Pininfarina, has partnered with AC Future, an innovator in developing futuristic living solutions, to conceptualize and design an electric RV called the eTH – Electric Transformer House which was shown to the public at the CES 2024 show in Las Vegas last week.

The eTH aims to ‘harmoniously blend luxurious amenities, smart technology, and ecofriendly features to embrace the mobility demands of the future’.

It says that the eTH is more than just an RV, and offers a sustainable living platform, providing an extraordinary travel and living experience with various expandable structures tailored to everyone’s living habits and preferences. It caters to individuals and families seeking short-distance adventures and highly customized additional spaces to complement their primary residence.

Each product features Starlink connectivity, copilot assistance, and customizable interior and exterior colour options to provide an optimal living, working, and travelling experience.

Among eTH’s distinctive features are moveable walls, which expand to 400 sq ft at the push of a button to significantly enhance the living space, redefining the concept of a home on wheels.

The retractable solar panel roof captures and converts sunlight into electricity, generating +25kWh, and prioritizes sustainable living. Further, eTH’s Atmospheric Water Generator system converts moisture from the air with up to 50L of ambient clean water daily.

In addition to its expandable walls, eTH boasts collapsible and modular furniture that condenses for easy driving and parking — striking a balance between maneuverability and spacious living. It can also serve as both an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) and a moving office. Equipped with Starlink and Co-Pilot, eTH’s advanced cockpit features cutting-edge driver assist technology, a flexible dashboard/office desk, and integrated entertainment.

All of eTH’s features as well as the vehicle itself are powered entirely by green energy with 7 days of off-grid capabilities.

According to Arthur Qin, AC Future’s Owner, the eTH is more than a home on wheels and a vision of the future: “Our collaboration with Pininfarina on the Electric Transformer House is not just about designing a living space; it’s about reimagining the way people experience off-grid living. With Pininfarina’s experience in innovative product design across industries, they were a natural fit for the partnership.”

“We are tapping into the growing enthusiasm for mobile lifestyles among all demographics, and our innovative approach is strategically positioned to provide a unique experience that aligns with the eco-conscious values of our customers,” explains Arthur Qin.

Known for its iconic designs across the automotive, architecture, industrial design, nautical, and
transportation, to name a few, Pininfarina was entrusted with encapsulating AC Future’s core philosophy of luxury, comfort, and relentless innovation through the eTH.

Vice President Design Pininfarina of America, Paolo Trevisan states: “We are so excited to collaborate
with AC Future, a partner that shares our vision for innovation and commitment to creating a better
and sustainable future. We believe in creating new experiences with the multidisciplinary approach that
characterizes our design process. In this case, blending seamlessly how people live and move, creating a unique experience for a new lifestyle icon.”

Established in 2021 and rooted in the innovative spirit of Silicon Valley and Newport Beach, AC Future is at the forefront of the electric recreational vehicle (RV) revolution. It is redefining the concept of mobile living with its multi-scenario solution, the electric Transformer House (eTH), which offers maneuverability, expandability, and sustainability.