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Production of plywood panels, marine plywood and poplar multilayer with quality certification Panguaneta increasingly higher international rating and marketing performances depend also on an entrepreneurial thought that has never neglected its origin, holding fast to its core business. Already in the ‘60s, Panguaneta was playing a leading role in the first industrial development of the sector of semi-finished products obtained from poplar veneers and would play a leading role in a remarkable production growth also in the immediately following years. Though belonging to an industrial district devoted to wood processing, since the ‘80s Panguaneta has developed a know-how of its own, able to innovate production processes and anticipate trends and requirements of national and international markets with new products. For several years, thus, Panguaneta has been meeting the requirements of the most dynamic users. This is a distinguishing mark that, over time, has become an integral part of the company positioning. Of course, Panguaneta quality is certified: with reference to the production process (ISO 9001), products (CATAS E1 – CTBX No. 51 – CARB-CE2+), and the chain of custody (FSC – PEFC).
Panguaneta works in close contact with nature, aware of the responsibilities towards the environment assumed by those using such a precious resource as wood, and offers a product which is reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. Thus, all the natural beauty and excellence of poplar products have been always represented the heart of Panguaneta offer. It is heart with a clear traceability and deeply linked to nature: Panguaneta uses a product typical of the region. The raw material is then transformed through an ecological “zero km” management of the supply chain.

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