12 July 2023
12 July 2023, Comments Comments Off on OPTIPLAN launches r-PET sustainable GRP products made from recycled PET bottles
OPTIPLAN launches r-PET sustainable GRP products made from recycled PET bottles

The r-PET product line from OPTIPLAN is a new generation of sustainable GRP products which it says could revolutionise the commercial vehicle and recreational vehicle sector.

OPTIPLAN has been inspired by the new challenges facing manufacturers of protecting the environment while striving for a lower vehicle weight and at the same time a higher payload. As a result, OPTIPLAN has developed POLYDET® r-PET, an extremely lightweight, stable, durable and at the same time aesthetic material.

OPTIPLAN has developed its new GRP product based on a PET recycled resin, which consists largely of recycled polyester obtained from post-consumer PET waste. This is in no way inferior to the technical properties of conventional GRP materials and it means that for every vehicle produced, dozens of PET bottles can be “upcycled” for a second life as sidewalls, roof or floors (sandwich panels) in commercial vehicles and recreational vehicles.

It can be used in 3.5-ton trucks up to heavy trucks/semitrailers, all inner-city delivery vehicles, recreational vehicles & caravans, electric vehicles and even cargo bikes.

The surface is coated with a gelcoat that protects against UV radiation. In addition, end customers can implement all colour requests that correspond to their specific corporate design and appearance in RAL, NCS and individual colour shades. A great advantage is that as the coloration is already applied during the production process and is directly incorporated into the material, subsequent painting is unnecessary. Moreover, the paint is permanently resistant: It cannot be chipped by impact or corrosion.

OPTIPLAN Sales Manager Timo Hoffmann explains the advantage of GRP over aluminium: “GRP is known to be frequently used as a lighter alternative to aluminium. It has low thermal conductivity, as well as higher hail and corrosion resistance. With our HighGloss surface finish, we also enable a near- aluminium appearance. POLYDET® r-PET is not only lighter, but also easier to process.”

The r-PET PowerStar product is extremely robust – meaning heavy mechanical loading is no problem for this material. The laminated special fabric increases the glass content, which gives high impact resistance and increases durability. Due to the additional fabric stability, PowerStar also allows the lowest thicknesses starting from 0.7 mm, which makes it possible to produce ultra-light and resource-saving cover layers.

The r-PET HighGloss is produced in a discontinuous cold curing process, which makes the surface quality of the gelcoat extremely weather, UV and colour resistant. Long life of the superstructure without yellowing and easy maintenance of the material (cleaning, polishing, touching up) are thus guaranteed.

OPTIPLAN GmbH, based in Oelsnitz, Germany, is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of fibre-reinforced plastic sheets. The areas of application for the high-tech materials are in commercial and recreational vehicle, as well as the construction sector and other industrial segments. 95 percent of the goods produced exclusively at the headquarters in Oelsnitz are exported to over 30 countries. With 130 employees, the medium-sized company generated annual sales of €50 million.

For over 65 years, OPTIPLAN has stood for quality, service, reliability and innovation. The company is part of the senata group, which operates as an owner-managed and fully self-financed holding company (2,200 employees, over 600 million in annual sales).

PowerStar Plus FG r-PET