12 April 2017
12 April 2017, Comments Comments Off on Nuova Mapa celebrates the telescopic table support no. 50000
Nuova Mapa celebrates the telescopic table support no. 50000

Nuova Mapa celebrates an important goal: the telescopic  table supportno. 50000 (counting both versions, manual and electric) has been assembled in its Altedo factory and shipped. “We are particularly proud of this result, gained in a very short time, despite the hard moments our industry has generally known in the latest years – says Davide Maini, Nuova Mapa  CEO – “Conceived and built to last in the years, always caring about strength, design and usability, our supports for tables have been able, in the years, to earn the biggest European and worldwide builder’s reliance. Our supports are available in different models, also fixed ones, featuring different movements in order to fit any need. New models will be showcased at next exhibitions in the RV sector, increasingly sophisticated and result of the finest work in research and development. We believe that the raising attention payed to Nuova Mapa by the biggest builders will allow us to reachs oon even higher goals”. 

Nuova Mapa was founded by Enrico Maini in 1963, and at the end of the Eighties, the firm expanded its automotive activities with a department dedicated to the recreational vehicles sector, having as first customers Safariways and Auto Roller. The initial product range, comprising motorhome luggage racks and ladders, was originally an extension of the company’s automotive industry activity, growing in autonomy to become something specific to the Italian motorhome sector, which saw rapid expansion in the 1990s. And so, shortly after moving to their new headquarters in 2001, Nuova Mapa’s automotive industry era ended, and a growing specialisation in the motorhome world began.Following the passing of the company’s founder, today the business is continued by his son, Davide Maini, his mother Silvana, and a team of trusted colleagues.