22 August 2022
22 August 2022, Comments Comments Off on NKC to host second Better Camping Trip Congress
NKC to host second Better Camping Trip Congress

On Wednesday 5th October, the NKC motorhome club from the Netherlands, is hosting its second ‘Beter op Kampeereis’ Congress (The Better at Camping Trip), which it organises in conjunction with the KCI and Kampeer en Caravan Jaarbeurs.

The objective of the congress is to discuss how, as an industry, to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy everything camping travel has to offer.

Guests will include manufacturers, suppliers, governments, scientists and campers. It takes place from 2.00 pm at Media Plaza, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht.

To register, visit: https://www.nkc.nl/beter-op-reis/nkc-congres/

The programme:

2:00 pm 


2:30 pm

Welcome: Leo Diepemaat (KCI), Stan Stolwerk (NKC) and chairman of the day Rens de Jong

2:35 pm

Cleaner and better when traveling? It’s already possible! – Case studies of various e-camper owners
Inspiring story of a young generation of campers and motor home owners. Renske and Maarten are going on a camping trip through Africa with their 4×4 electric on solar energy. Sara and Jurrien convert a brand new, all-electric Fiat e-Ducato into a motorhome. They will live, work, travel and blog from their camper van. Enjoy and cleaner & better on a camping trip? They want it and show it is possible.

3:00 PM

Keynote + Q&A Further ahead towards sustainable recreational mobility – Dr. Ir. Carlo JT van de Weijer, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU Eindhoven)
Holiday with a tent, folding trailer, caravan or campervan, has always been one of the most sustainable ways of tourism. Yet, the recreational mobility part faces challenges regarding CO2-emissions. Will that positively change if disruptive changes awaiting the mobility arena? Self-driving vehicles, electrification, drones, hyperloops, hydrogen or sustainable aviation fuels: the entire hype cycle can be filled with new predicted mobility breakthroughs. In his keynote, mobility expert Carlo van de Weijer will try to distinguish the sense from the nonsense in all these developments and look to the consequences for the future of the recreational mobility.

3:30 pm


3:35 pm

Expectations of European motor home and campers? – Stan Stolwerk (NKC) and Leo Diepemaat (KCI)
Explanation and discussion about the results of the sustainability survey among European motorhome owners: what does the camping/motorhome public expect from the sector?

3:45 pm

Interview led by Rens de Jong
More sustainable (inter)national entrepreneurship: in conversation with leaders from the world of international manufacturers of camping equipment. What are they doing to make their camping equipment more environmentally friendly and what are they going to do?

4:15 pm

Presentation Camping Sustainability Award
Participants can still register in the categories motorhome product and camping product on the information and registration page . 

4:25 PM

Debate with stakeholders 
The central question during this closing debate is: what is the course of the energy transition for the camping and motorhome industry? Are we betting with renewable fuels, electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles on different horsepower? But also: how do we make it feasible and affordable for the motorhome and camper, what are their needs and expectations? For example, will cleaner driving be rewarded? We will discuss it with manufacturers, consumer organisations, science and politicians, among others.

5:15 pm

Networking drink on the KCJ exhibition floor