New Truma gas pressure regulators

9 January 2019
9 January 2019, Comments Comments Off on New Truma gas pressure regulators

Truma has improved its gas pressure regulators for leisure vehicles, making them lighter, more compact and more user-friendly. The new Truma MonoControl CS and DuoControl CS are designed to ensure maximum safety while driving or stationary, and will be available from specialist dealers from 1 March 2019.

The new Truma DuoControl CS regulator can be distinguished by a new, modern design.

A new feature is an integrated crash sensor to allow customers to run gas appliances, like heaters and fridges, safely while driving. This meets the requirements of the European Heating Appliance Directive. This directive specifies that a shut-off device must be present if gas appliances are used on the move, as well as gas hoses with hose rupture protection.

In the event of an accident at speeds between 15 to 20 km/h, the crash sensor stops the gas flow immediately. This means that no gas can escape, even if the gas system is damaged.

The Truma DuoControl CS automatically switches over to a second gas cylinder if the first one becomes empty. It is more compact than the previous model and lightweight at just 900g.

It is easy to retrofit and comes in a vertical model for wall mounting or a horizontal model for installing on the ceiling of the gas cylinder box.

Two new viewing windows, which are clearly visible from all sides, let you see whether the cylinder in use is full (green) or empty (red).

The yellow reset button makes it much easier to see if the crash sensor has been triggered, for instance as a result of jolts during the journey. When the button is pressed, the  regulator is immediately ready for use again.

The Truma MonoControl CS is a single-cylinder gas pressure regulator, with crash sensor, has also been redesigned. Like its Duo counterpart, the MonoControl CS is also more compact and lighter than its predecessor, and can be installed on the wall or ceiling of the gas cylinder box.