12 April 2016
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New solutions

Between curiosity and risk

If an unusual layout or an uncommon furnishing element can make us smile, it’s also true that it can make us think. What matters most is whether it brings real benefits to the user and if there are possibilities to standardize this solution.

Words Antonio Mazzucchelli

Many are the housing solutions proposed by the European manufacturers. Some believe that they are too many and are ironic, almost scornful about certain indoor plans and some uncommon and temerarious furnishing proposals. It is true, some solutions are truly bizarre and make us smile, but other, which today seem extravagant, tomorrow could be currently produced. It has already happened and it will happen again. Today we find futuristic interiors-related solutions dating back fifteen years ago, which some high-end brands (for example, Frankia), installed not only on luxury but also on cheap vehicles. Think about it: this happens also in clothing, home furnishing and in many other industries. We will show you some examples of what the varied scenario of European recreational vehicles offers today, just some brief considerations for anyone who is not afraid to look with humility and intelligence at the most bizarre solutions available today.

The rear living
After being resumed, the old rear dinette solution has been changed to create a large and cozy living, very open and airy, to be used for relaxing used for relaxing alone or entertaining friends. Last season we have seen the Burstner Viseo 700, the DuoMobil Hymer and two Frankia vehicles, the I72 and the Lounge Edition. Now Concorde to install, on Cruiser RRL 890, a very large rear living. In any case, the large rear dinette is not a novelty for the British market: see, for example, the Swift and Bailey current production.
Rear drop-down bed
It is still a novelty, we cannot speak of a true trend. In the past two years, we have seen the rear drop down bed on several occasions: for example, the Mobilvetta K-Yacht 80, the Benimar Perseo 581, the Swift Toscane 640 HB and the Adria’s van, Twin 640 SHX. Burstner proposes it on different versions of its Brevio, both in the lateral and longitudinal version (new Brevio 641).
Transverse bed peninsula
Not very common, the double bed peninsula located transversally to travel direction makes room for an additional living area in the rear, typically used for toilet compartment. Examples: Lunar Clubman (picture) and Swift Toscana 774 QB.
Jump Seat
Mini-armchair, emergency seat, compact seat… whatever the definition, in the past two years the seat that occupies little space was often used on cars, trains and airplanes (at least since the end of ‘800). A few years ago, it was rediscovered by camper’s designers. Suffice it to mention the Burstner Brevio cases and various Carthago models. If properly implemented, this piece of furniture proves smart and effective: in fact, we don’t always need a real chair.
Travel seats
For those who do not travel in the cab, a true car armchair, with adjustable backrest, is far preferable to the traditional dinette loveseat. For those who design and build high-end campers, this is one of the biggest challenges, a goal that cannot be ignored in the near future.
Caravan for children
Let us be honest: for children, designers and builders could do much more than they actually do in relation to both on-board safety and other issues such as the accessibility to the furniture elements, the playground, the optimization of certain areas of the passenger compartment. Among the manufacturers that recently have took this aspect into consideration, it is worth mentioning the Knaus-Tabbert Group, with the CaraKid program applied to Weinsberg products.
Small low-profile vechicles
As an alternative to the camper-like van, we mention the small low-profile vehicle, so small that it measures less than 5 meters and a half. The idea is not new, in fact it has been intensely used by small suppliers (see Wingamm and Heku) for a few years now. If, however, a giant company like Hymer is involved (Van 314, which measures 545 centimeters in length), then maybe we can speak of a new trend.
Frankia FF2
With the low-profile FF2 introduced on the market some years ago, Frankia has remodeled the living patterns of the past to create a vehicle concept essentially new, for the German, French and Italian market at least. The large rear sofas feature adjustable backrests, so you can quickly turn them into two single beds.
Free Space
The Triaca prototype from Trigano Spa stands out, inter alia, for a very free and airy interior. This result was obtained on a two people-vehicle, by using the longitudinal sofas leaned against the walls (with a central table that can be lowered) and the folding bunk bed, placing kitchen and bathroom in the rear part.
Matter of curves
On the new Adria Compact SL, the curvature of the wall cabinetsis designed to improve a compact vehicle interior. Again, the solution is not new, but it is well interpreted. You should note also in the picture’s foreground, the armchair that uses the cabinet as backrest: in recent years, this solution has been adopted by more than one manufacturer.
Closed cabin
Designed to isolate the passenger compartment in winter, by separating it from the original, metal cab, the solution involving a partition equipped with a sliding door or a door is adopted on a few, large vehicles. We can find it also on some four wheel drive vehicles designed for extreme expeditions.