13 December 2016
13 December 2016, Comments Comments Off on New production premises for Trigano Van in Italy
New production premises for Trigano Van in Italy

The new Trigano Van industrial centre was officially opened on December 5th, 2016 in Paglieta (Chieti), just a few kilometres from the previous premises. It occupies an area of over 28,000 square metres, 11,000 of which are indoors. Strongly growing production for an expanding market and for an increasingly competitive product has made it necessary to build a new and bigger production plant for Trigano Van, a company which manufactures camper vans, part of the French group, Trigano, and present in Val di Sangro since 2004.
The newly opened and already operational production centre represents an important achievement for the company, which takes care of the fitting and transformation of vans into camper vans.
The expansion of the surface area and industrial reorganisation of the new industrial site allow improvements to production capacity, efficiency and the working environment.

The ribbon was cut in the presence of François and Marie Hélène Feuillet, Chairman and General Manager, respectively, of the Trigano Group, European leader in the outdoor holiday market, Paolo Bicci, CEO of Trigano Van along with various local authorities. Monsignor Pellegrini blessed the new industrial centre immediately before the ribbon cutting ceremony.
CEO Paolo Bicci says “The new plant is a state-of-the-art facility in our sector and has been conceived in compliance with innovative industrial logics aimed at improving the performance of our group’s results and safety in the workplace even more”.
This has been a considerable investment and it will enable us to cope with the challenges of the European market and to further strengthen the leadership position that the Trigano Group has conquered on the van market with in-house production of camper vans for the group’s brands Benimar, Challenger, Chausson, CI, Roller Team, Mc Louis and Karmann, distributed everywhere in Italy and Europe thanks to a network of agencies and dealers. There is a strong presence in the export market, with 67% of turnover for distribution of vehicles throughout Europe.

Trigano Van is getting ready to tackle the challenges of its reference market, thanks to its know-how and to the commercial success of the brands it produces here. In the 2015/2016 season, Trigano Van sales revenues recorded an increase of 48% on the previous season, while there was a 55% increase in the number of units produced, from 1.300 to 2.000, with the goal of the new plant being set at over 3.000 units.

The new Trigano production centre joins the existing four present in Italy, and the words of François Feuillet, Chairman of the French Group, confirm the desire to invest. “Today, our link is strengthened even further: Trigano believes in the future of Italy’s plants, in the quality of the work and the people. After years of crisis, the recreational vehicles’ market is starting to grow again and the Trigano Group is ready to invest. The construction of the new plant in Abruzzo, in a position which is strategic for us, represents an important step forward and follows other important investments in Italy, such as the expansion of the Sea production centre in Montone, Umbria, a year ago, and the recent acquisitions in Tuscany.”

The Trigano Group has chosen once again to strengthen its investments in Italy, acknowledging it as a fertile area, rich in benefits: skilled labour, presence of logistic structures, highly receptive and dynamic areas, innovation and quality. “The new Trigano Van plant” says Plant Manager Michele Abbonizio, “currently employs 115 people, and this number is set to become 150 when full production capacity is reached. In addition to optimisation of times and spaces, and the finest production performances, we ought to emphasise the considerable impact within the province at socio-economic level, with the consolidation of a strong industrial organisation, providing staff and the territory with stability and guarantees for the future”.

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