14 June 2019
14 June 2019, Comments Comments Off on New features for 2020 Knaus Tabbert models
New features for 2020 Knaus Tabbert models

After the best year in its history, Knaus Tabbert, is promising innovation and fresh ideas for its 2020 model year caravan, motorhome and CUV models.

In 2018, Knaus Tabbert achieved double-digit percentage growth in terms of both sales and volume. It produced over 23,600 caravans, motorhomes and CUVs at its state-of-the-art production lines in Jandelsbrunn, Mottgers, and Schlüsselfeld in Germany, and Nagyoroszi in Hungary.

In 2020, all motorhomes and CUVs will be equipped with a charging converter as standard, so the vehicle’s battery can be charged more quickly and safely.

Other new features for 2020 include a new water filter system for all Knaus Tabbert vehicles; plus new options: an integrated “e.hit” rear carrier for KNAUS and WEINSBERG motorhomes; and a new head-up display is in optional for KNAUS and WEINSBERG motorhomes and CUVs

The new BWT water filter system (Best Water Technology) ensures a supply of clean water which can be drunk without hesitation. The water is filtered and softened to taste is made more pleasant, and to protect against lime deposits. There are also fewer visible traces of lime in the sinks and showers in new Knaus Tabbert vehicles – meaning that bathrooms and kitchens should stay clean for longer.

The optinal, new e.hit rear carrier for KNAUS and WEINSBERG motorhomes attaches directly to the chassis, and automatically swings out from underneath the bumper within 25 seconds at the touch of a button.
It has a double pivot arm for bikes and transport boxes, and a removable trailer coupling. An “e.base” fits onto the rear carrier as a removable accessory base with retractable LED tail lights and indicators for increased safety. The electrical system automatically connects to the vehicle.

The e.carry bike carrier and/or the e.box transport box can be attached to the accessory base in just a few simple steps. The e.carry has room for two bikes, and a maximum loading capacity of 83 kg. A bike carrier for two additional bikes can also be added to the system, reducing the maximum loading capacity to 74 kg. If the 320-litre transport box is attached to the vehicle, instead of the bike carrier, the maximum loading capacity is 72 kg. The e.box is made of sturdy plastic and weather-resistant, multi-layer folding top fabric. All e.hit accessories are also lockable, and their contents are protected against theft.

The practical and stylish head-up display – which is included in an optional media package – is a new and unique feature of KNAUS and WEINSBERG motorhomes and CUVs for 2020. The transparent screen shows navigation instructions, the current and permitted speed, and traffic signs directly in the driver’s field of view. As the name suggests, it keeps an eye on the direction of travel, and gives a “heads-up”. This is a major plus for road safety. And at the same time, the head-up display integrated in the dashboard looks extremely good – function and design are innovatively combined.