17 January 2020
17 January 2020, Comments Comments Off on New entry-level Truma Mover smart manoeuvring range
New entry-level Truma Mover smart manoeuvring range

Truma has announced a new range of entry-level Mover smart manoeuvring systems.

The new Truma Mover smart M model is engaged manually, while the Mover smart A automatically engages and disengages with the caravan’s tyre at the push of a button. They are suitable for single-axle caravans up to 1,800 kg (Mover smart M) or 2,000 kg (Mover smart A) respectively.

The Truma Mover smart A weighs circa 32kg, which is around 3kg lighter than its existing manual Mover SX model, and has a maximum power consumption of 125 A compared to the SX model’s 120 A. They share the same total weight capacity of 2,000 kg. The Truma Mover smart M weighs approximately 33kg with a maximum power consumption of 100 A and a maximum permitted weight of 1,800 kg.

Like Truma’s other models, the new entry-level Mover smart range are simple to retro-fit, high quality and easy to use with precision. They also use a remote control unit to make it easy for customers to manoeuvre their caravan with ease and precision. A ‘soft-start’ function allows the caravan to move smoothly without jerking, which also makes it easy to couple the caravan to the towing vehicle with a high degree of accuracy.

To guarantee maximum safety, the caravan’s brakes are applied immediately it comes to a stop – with millimetre precision – as soon as the customer releases the control button.

Both manoeuvring systems can handle inclines of 13 percent and have a non-slip surface for the drive rollers to ensure the maximum grip on the tyre and optimal power transmission. The rollers are made of cast aluminium, making them robust, low-wearing and particularly light.

The new Truma Mover smart are easy to retrofit as they fit on all common chassis frames. No TÜV registration is required thanks to the general operating permit.

The manoeuvring systems offer an excellent price/performance ratio and the usual Truma quality. They are available from all Truma Partners from January 2020 with a 5-year parts warranty.