21 May 2019
21 May 2019, Comments Comments Off on More additions to LCI RV Europe management team
More additions to LCI RV Europe management team

A reorganization following the recent appointment of Michele Checcucci as CEO of LCI Italy and of the RV Europe segment, sees the managerial team expanding to include Lorenzo Manni (as Commercial Director), Luigi Gozzi (as Technical Director), Gianluca D’Antoni (as Administrative Director) and Giovanni Casarini (as Lean Production Manager).

Lorenzo Manni and Silvia Bianchi, who have been with LCI RV Europe in commercial roles for two years, started to build a sales team at the end of 2018. With Claudio Paolini and Marco Costagli, the team is now complete.

Claudio Paolini has previous experience in the wood and LED lighting industries, selling also to the RV manufacturers.  “Professionally, joining a group like Lippert Components is a great opportunity. I am very excited, both about the prospect of working for such a well-structured and well-known company, and about the spirit within the group, which for me is something exceptional and very important. I’ve known many of LCI’s managers for years, and we were already very close. I believe that an extraordinary team has been created, and this team takes advantage of the union of intent,” declared Claudio Paolini.

New entry is also Marco Costagli, who spent many years working for Pontedera firm STLA, which was acquired by LCI last year. “At STLA, I progressed steeply up the ranks, ultimately taking control of design and of the technical department. The company’s previous owners invested in my desire to grow, and with intensive training, I learned to manage all stages of production, from product conception to shipment. On my journey into the sales world, I will bring technical knowledge that will make a huge difference to our customers, adding value to an already well-structured and experienced team,” said Marco Costagli.

“We have created a single working team with Claudio Paolini, Silvia Bianchi and Marco Costagli,” says Lorenzo Manni, LCI RV Europe Commercial Director. “The aim is to further update and build upon LCI’s customer service philosophy. Months ago, the company launched an internal campaign inspired by the book “The Customer Service Revolution” by John R. DiJulius. Using innovative concepts, the author explains how any company that does not focus on excellence in customer service is destined, sooner or later, to be overcome by the competition. LCI has invested in significantly enhancing internal training, with the aim of becoming a company with which it is easy to do business. The main objective is to offer the customer a single point of contact who, in turn, coordinates the internal team on the requested intervention. The initial effort required to ensure the new team’s overall know-how on all products is significant, but we are sure that it will bring us and the customer significant benefits. We expect to complete this phase soon, certainly during the first half of 2019.”

Last but not least, Donatella Del Vecchio is the Sales & Marketing Manager of LCI RV Europe. A role that was missing in the European structure, which reports directly to Jarod Lippert, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations at Lippert Components. The new Marketing Manager will be the European point of reference for the LCI Group in the communication sector, in which Donatella boasts multiple skills stemming from her varied, international professional background. Donatella has worked in various industries over the years, always in connection with Germany, the country to which she eventually relocated, spending the last six years as an Export Manager.

“This is a new and exciting challenge. The Italian group is close-knit, and has welcomed me in the best possible way. It is wonderful to work with marketing colleagues in the USA, who have a truly modern, forward-thinking vision,” said Donatella Del Vecchio.

The start of this year saw the opening of Lippert Components’ European headquarters, in San Casciano, Tuscany, in a 5,400m² factory of which 1,200m² are offices.