17 January 2024
17 January 2024, Comments Comments Off on Mike Lanciotti – REV Recreation Segment
Mike Lanciotti - REV Recreation Segment

On the cutting edge of RV developments: 5 questions to Mike Lanciotti

Mike Lanciotti, President of the REV Recreation Segment, talks to Aboutcamp BtoB regarding the manufacturer’s successful brands and moving into the 2024 RV buying season

Words Antonio Mazzucchelli and Steve Fennell

Mike Lanciotti and his team understand RV trends. The company offers a range of new concepts across its classes to meet current demand for its dealers and consumers.

Aboutcamp BtoB: The Elkhart Dealer Open House is considered by RV manufacturers and dealers to be the most anticipated industry trade show of the year. How did you feel about the 2023 event and the reception from dealers and suppliers?
Mike Lanciotti: We received a good turnout of suppliers and dealers. Even though Monday started a little slow, more of our dealers arrived and we had a lot of positive activity and interest throughout the week.

Aboutcamp BtoB: What percentage of the RV segment is the business of the REV Recreation Group? What is the most successful brand?
Mike Lanciotti: The REV Group’s RV segment accounts for approximately a third of sales of the REV group. Among all the brands, Renegade RV is – at the time – the most successful. It continues to operate at a high, consistent level with very high-quality products and margins.

Aboutcamp BtoB: What do you feel are some of the reasons for these successes?
Mike Lanciotti: Some of the successes pertain to the stronger class C segment, which right now is one of the leading classes in the industry. The Class B segment is also very strong.

Aboutcamp BtoB: What do you feel are the new buying trends among consumers as we head into the 2024 buying season?
Mike Lanciotti: I think the trend right now is certainly offering lighter-weight units at a lower cost while contenting more affordable items in the coaches. That is the concept that seems to work right now for most models and what is most appealing to the retail buyer.

Aboutcamp BtoB: The REV group is very active in the EV market among many of its commercial segments. Are there plans to introduce EV technology in the REV Recreation brands?
Mike Lanciotti: At this point, the answer would be no. Right now, we’re debugging EV technology and determining what works well and what doesn’t. Then, we’ll see what we can do. Due to the various sizes of our units such as the Renegade RV XL, it would take a lot of EV power to run and function without having to recharge. Plus, most of our customers who own these larger units drive three to four hours at a time. With EV technology you would need to charge it for a considerable amount of time. There are a lot of reasons why we aren’t fully exploring EV technology in our recreational segment. What’s interesting, though, is we have fully utilized the benefits of lithium batteries for powering the interior systems and to be in the spirit of the green, we offer diesel generators and natural gas generators as additional clean power sources.