2 December 2019
2 December 2019, Comments Comments Off on MAN Truck announces price for its electric eTGE van
MAN Truck announces price for its electric eTGE van

MAN Truck & Bus has announced the price for its eTGE all-electric van is EUR 53,990 which it says brings its total cost of ownership (TCO) in line with its diesel counterpart.

When the cost of the MAN eTGE electric van is combined with lower operating costs, particularly in terms of energy and maintenance, the award-winning electric van, MAN says that it costs no more than a diesel model.

Whenever there is a discussion about electric drive trains and their future viability, the point is often raised that batteries’ unit prices will become cheaper as more are produced. The same should then apply to vehicle prices. Yet in order for the quantities produced to increase, the customer needs to be offered a vehicle that can hold its own against its diesel counterpart in terms of profitability. MAN hopes to achieve this with the eTGE.

The list price of the TGE 3.140 E will be EUR 53,990. MAN also offers a range of attractive leasing options for hassle-free finance tailored to customer requirements.

In addition, the Munich-based commercial-vehicle manufacturer has already launched electric drive trains for its city buses and distribution trucks. Here, the focus is always on urban applications. Even the eTGE is aimed at segments that predominantly operate in urban environments, such as parcel couriers, tradespeople, retailers and municipal services. In cases like these, the range of the van is perfectly adequate for most purposes.

Various charging-cable options are available, as is a wall box for AC charging. However, the fastest way to charge remains a quick-charging station, where the battery can be at 80 percent capacity in just 45 minutes.

Alongside the lower cost of acquisition, the electric van’s comprehensive standard equipment and 8-year battery warranty make up an attractive proposition for taking the first bold step into the world of e-mobility.

The same applies for the MAN eTGE Combi, which was unveiled to the global public in October 2019 at the Busworld Europe (Brussels) exhibition. With space for 8 seated passengers, the minibus is ideal for any scenario where low noise and zero local emissions are high priorities.

To make the switch to e-mobility as smooth as possible, MAN offers fleet operators consultation from the experts at MAN Transport Solutions. This will answer questions on topics such as operational planning, charging infrastructure, battery management and profitability with a view to the long term.