11 August 2023
11 August 2023, Comments Comments Off on Lodovico Ghezzi, founder of Elnagh, has passed away
Lodovico Ghezzi, founder of Elnagh, has passed away

With heavy hearts, we report the passing of Lodovico Ghezzi on the 2nd of August, 2023, at the venerable age of 102. Aboutcamp BtoB’s editorial team extends its deepest sympathies to his family in these trying times. Our editor in chief, Antonio Mazzucchelli, fondly reminisces his good fortune of meeting Eng. Ghezzi in the late ’90s and recalls the immense honor it was to know such a visionary enterpreneur.

The name Elnagh is deeply etched into the annals of Italy’s recreational vehicle industry. Elnagh Elettromeccanica Ghezzi, established on March 28, 1950, in Milan, stands as a testament to Eng. Ghezzi’s pioneering spirit.

Emerging from the post-war shadows of 1946, Lodovico Ghezzi commenced his journey in a basement. The firm, initially producing “Superflex” elastic forks for motorized bicycles, soon ventured into creating windshields for mopeds. By 1953, the innovative “Risciò”, a motorcycle trailer, could carry a staggering two quintals, effectively converting any two-wheeler into a utility vehicle.

Ghezzi’s innovation streak didn’t wane. The company forayed into patented auto-ignition curtains for Fiat Topolino roofs. Learning from the Risciò experience, Elnagh expanded its repertoire to include various types of trailers, which in turn opened avenues in tourism and leisure sectors. Trailers transformable into camping tents soon followed. With an expanding catalog from plastic moldings for “Elnaflex” shutters to specialized vehicles like “Canguro” for heavy loads, by 1960, Elnagh relocated to its iconic base in Zibido San Giacomo.

The 1960s saw a pivotal shift. In 1963, Elnagh rolled out its first caravan model, initially limited to 30 units. By the subsequent year, with three models in production, its capacity was stretched thin. By 1965, the brand’s focus sharpened on camping vehicles, leading to a divestment of other ventures. International recognition followed as Elnagh expanded to France, Germany, and the Netherlands, with its caravans braving routes to distant lands like Iran, Iraq, Sahara Desert, and even Kathmandu, Nepal.

Elnagh’s journey, from its inception in 1946 to its acquisition by the Trigano Group in 2013 and beyond, mirrors Ghezzi’s unwavering commitment to innovation.

In Lodovico Ghezzi’s passing, the world has lost a luminous industrialist with a profound vision. His legacy, enshrined in Elnagh’s storied journey, continues to inspire and resonate on roads worldwide.

*In the picture on the top: Eng. Lodovico Ghezzi (on right) and Stefano Campanelli (left) Sales Director Elnagh from 1994 to 2008.