12 November 2022
12 November 2022, Comments Comments Off on Lippert introduces R-Skirun ski rack accessory for its R-Bike rack for Ducato, Sprinter, Transit, Crafter and Master vans
Lippert introduces R-Skirun ski rack accessory for its R-Bike rack for Ducato, Sprinter, Transit, Crafter and Master vans

A new R-Skirun ski rack is the first official Lippert accessory for R-Bike, Lippert’s first bike rack for vans built on Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, Volkswagen Crafter and Renault Master frames.

The R-Skirun is quick and easy to install: simply remove the bicycle rail cradle, bolt on the R-Bar rails (not included with R-Skirun) and install the two components of the ski rack itself. The R-Bar rails are the basic accessory to which all future developments of the system will mount – and indeed, Lippert is planning to bring out a number of new R-Bike accessories in the near future.

The R-Bike is lightweight (just 10 kg), and its mounting system does away with the need for bolts or drilling into the vehicle’s bodywork, along with the option of transforming it into a general load carrier or, as in this case, a ski rack, with separately available accessories.  The R-Bike was originally designed to carry two e-bikes safely and securely or, by fitting an optional third rail, three pedal bicycles, for a maximum load of 50 kg. The product is available in the Total White, Total Grey, Total Black and Total Alu (anodized aluminium) color variants.

The R-Skirun ski rack can hold up to 4 pairs of skis strapped together, 2 pairs of skis side by side, 1 pair of skis and 1 snowboard, or 2 snowboards. The load is secured by a robust lock system, with an ergonomic release button and lock with two included keys. Like the rest of the R-Bike line, R-Skirun is made entirely in anodized aluminium and black injection moulded nylon. A PVC gasket not only secures and transports the skis and snowboards, but also protects the rack against scratches and weather – a significant stress factor for a product designed to be used in the winter in freezing temperatures and exposed to snow, wind and rain in addition to the normal tear and wear any external camper van accessory is subject to.

“Lippert is focusing strongly on designing products specifically for vans, vehicles that demand carefully optimised loading, as well as being the caravanning market segment that is growing fastest and arousing the greatest interest among the public. R-Bike, in its configuration as a versatile bicycle rack, is the first in a new generation of load carriers for Ducato, Transit, Sprinter and Master vans, and R-Skirun is the first in a line of multifunctional accessories planned for the system,” says Tommaso Gasparrini, Aftermarket Sales Manager for Lippert.