20 November 2018
20 November 2018, Comments Comments Off on Lippert Components appoints new leadership roles
Lippert Components appoints new leadership roles

Lippert Components, Inc. (LCI®), the international supplier of components for leisure vehicles (and others), is pleased to announce the appointment of Michele Checcucci as CEO of LCI RV Europe, and Marco Marzucchi as General Manager of LCI’s Project 2000 plant.

Michele Checcucci (48) has 25 years of experience in the RV sector. He was the former President of Metallarte and RV Doors which were acquired by Lippert Components in July 2017.

“I’m honoured and delighted to have the chance to help LCI to become one of the major players in the European RV Industry. We want to create the best possible team of passionate professionals, combining the history and strengths of our US footprint with a European management vision to support our growth in the market,” said Michele Checcucci. “We will work to positively impact the European marketplace, keeping our core values as a guiding light for all our actions. We want to create a brand that will be a synonym for innovation, flexibility and customer care,” continued Michele Checcucci.

Michele’s appointment to CEO of RV Europe also signifies a unified leadership team across all five of LCI’s European caravan business units; LCI UK, Metallarte, RV Doors, Project 2000 and STLA. Michele’s leadership will help unify all sales and operation efforts to become more streamlined and efficient. LCI’s goal since entering the European caravan market over five years ago, is to be the leading supplier of innovative components to this industry.

“We are pleased to have Michele to lead our RV business in Europe”, said Jason Lippert, CEO of Lippert Components. “I have come to know Michele well over the last few years and can honestly say that he’s an exceptional human being. Michele no doubt has a tremendous knowledge of the European caravan industry and is very well respected by our customers there. His relationships and drive make him the ideal candidate to continue to build LCI’s push into European markets and we are lucky to have him has our leader there.”

Marco Marzucchi, another former Metallarte team leader, had been with Metallarte since 2005 and reached the role of Director of Operations. He has deep knowledge of the products and the market, and takes on the position of General Manager of the Project 2000 plant. He succeeds Davide Nardini, founder of Project 2000, who retired in September.

“I would like to thank Davide Nardini, and his wife Susanna, and I have assured them that we will take care of their creation and continue its growth,” said Marco Marzucchi. “It’s a real honour to take the helm of such a highly esteemed and respected company, from its retiring founder. We want to continue in the tradition of P2K excellence and innovation, bringing the experience of the LCI family of companies. Our goal is to maintain LCI’s corporate values which drive outstanding service and responsiveness to our customers,” continued Marco Marzucchi.