6 July 2022
6 July 2022, Comments Comments Off on Leisure-Tec Australia celebrates four years of growth
Leisure-Tec Australia celebrates four years of growth

Leisure-Tec Australia is celebrating four years of successful business and growth from its Victorian and Queensland operations.

In the last four years Leisure-Tec Australia has developed into a leading manufacturer and distributor of caravan, camping and 4WD products – such as Truma, myCOOLMAN, and Milenco.

What started as a small business has quickly grown into a thriving international operation with offices and warehousing in Campbellfield, Victoria, and Luscombe, Queensland, as well as offices in several countries.

Leisure-Tec Australia CEO, Paul Widdis, said the company’s growth was even more impressive with two of the past four years hampered by COVID-19.

“Our business has thrived in the last couple of years despite the impacts of COVID-19 and our success has been down to developing, manufacturing and distributing world class products that Australian caravanners, campers and 4WD enthusiasts need and want through Truma, myCOOLMAN and Milenco,” Mr Widdis said.

“It is a highly competitive market and we have been innovative in the products we have delivered from our standout myCOOLMAN dual zone fridge-freezer range and lithium power packs helping families and adventurers go anywhere.

“Even during COVID-19 we were able to assist Queensland health authorities with our myCOOLMAN fridge/freezers which were used to hold crucial vaccines for Queenslanders during the pandemic.

“We have dedicated and passionate staff who have been a major part of our success to date, and our staff numbers continue to grow.

“The industry itself has also seen major growth with Australians rediscovering the beauty of our own backyard whether heading off on a day trip, a weekend or week away, or hitting the road permanently in a caravan for a lap around our great nation.

“Leisure-Tec Australia will continue to provide world leading Truma, myCOOLMAN and Milenco products to industry and consumers.”

Mr Widdis said there was exciting growth plans ahead for the company.

“We will continue to grow our Australian market and we are pleased with the very strong interest that is being shown in our products and services from international markets as well,” he said. “We have a number of exciting developments particularly around new products which we will announce in the near future as well as our plans for further growth. “