Pierluigi Alinari - PLA

Pierluigi Alinari – PLA

Face to face with Pierluigi Alinari, who tells us about his long career in the RV sector. Words Antonio Mazzucchelli We met Pierluigi Alinari, the ...
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Alexander Wottrich  - Truma

Alexander Wottrich – Truma

Founded in 1949 by Philipp Kreis to make gas lights in electricity deprived Munich, Truma has gone on to become one of Europe’s leading manufacturers ...
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Frank Hugelmeyer -  RVIA

Frank Hugelmeyer – RVIA

Interview with Frank Hugelmeyer, President of the RVIA (Recreation Vehicle Industry Association), on market growth and future strategies. Words and photo Antonio Mazzucchelli Aboutcamp BtoB: ...
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Simone Niccolai - APC

Simone Niccolai – APC

Words Antonio Mazzucchelli Aboutcamp BtoB: What action has the APC taken to improve the image of motorhomes and to promote this type of holiday in ...
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Matjaž Grm - Adria

Matjaž Grm – Adria

Mister Matjaž Grm became chief of sales and marketing department in Adria Mobil in the year 2008. Since then, Adria Mobil has become one of ...
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François Feuillet - Trigano

François Feuillet – Trigano

Head of one of the world's largest industrial groupings, François Feuillet is not just the top man at Trigano, he "is" Trigano. We asked him ...
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Roberto Kerkoc - Tecnoform

Roberto Kerkoc – Tecnoform

Even in the VR furniture sector, design needs to give way to industrial design, the real one, the one who starts from an idea and ...
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Nick Howard - Bailey

Nick Howard – Bailey

A tightly focussed approach to business can bring significant rewards. Terry Owen meets Bailey's MD, Nick Howard Words Terry Owen In 1947 Martin Bailey built ...
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Roberto Fumarola - FCA

Roberto Fumarola – FCA

This is the first time we meet Roberto Fumarola, the new head of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ Motorhome Converters department: he will lead the corporate ...
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John Lally - NCC

John Lally – NCC

Words Terry Owen The NCC was formed on 18th May 1939 as the shadow of war hung over Europe. Czechoslovakia had already been occupied and ...
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