Harald Hiller - AL-KO VT

Harald Hiller – AL-KO VT

Harald Hiller, President & CEO of the AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group, talks in an interview about the effects of the Covid pandemic, future strategies and ...
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Eric Laforge - FCA

Eric Laforge – FCA

Eric Laforge, with 30 years’ experience at FCA, became the new head of the Fiat Professional Brand EMEA on 1 July 2020. AboutcampB2B met him ...
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François Feuillet - Trigano

François Feuillet – Trigano

AboutcampBtoB has already had the pleasure of interviewing François Feuillet, CEO at Trigano and President of the ECF (European Caravan Federation), four years ago. This ...
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Stuart Lamont - CIAA

Stuart Lamont – CIAA

Before Covid-19 hit Australia, the country and RV industry had another battle to fight: devastating bushfires. We spoke with Stuart Lamont, CEO of the Caravan ...
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Bernd Wuschack - Carthago

Bernd Wuschack – Carthago

In Aulendorf, Germany, at the headquarters of Carthago, we met with CEO Bernd Wuschack. He explained how the key to success of one of the ...
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Hans Frindte - Fendt-Caravan

Hans Frindte – Fendt-Caravan

Fendt-Caravan, the German brand with a reputation for high quality, continues to be a brand that many campers aspire to. On the 50th anniversary of ...
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Dane Found - Roadtrek Inc.

Dane Found – Roadtrek Inc.

With new ownership and new management, Roadtrek Inc. reinvigorates an iconic brand and brings Class B innovation to a new generation of buyers. Words and ...
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Stéphane Cordeille - Thetford

Stéphane Cordeille – Thetford

Appointed Thetford’s Global CEO in January 2012, Stéphane Cordeille, is driving the company to new heights. We met him at the Birmingham RV show. Words ...
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Uwe Frers - ADAC

Uwe Frers – ADAC

AboutcampBtoB interviews Uwe Frers, CEO of ADAC Camping, a division of Germany’s biggest membership organisation, ADAC Words Antonio Mazzucchelli photo Enrico Bona Responsible for publishing ...
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Jan Peter Veeneman - Lippert Components

Jan Peter Veeneman – Lippert Components

In January 2020, LCI Industries acquired Polyplastic Group B.V., the manufacturer of acrylic windows based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Polyplastic, which has had a ...
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