Renzo Kerkoc - Tecnoform

Renzo Kerkoc – Tecnoform

Renzo Kerkoc, CEO of Tecnoform, talks about the changes his company is undergoing in response to the dynamics of a society which itself is changing ...
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Joerg Reithmeier - Lippert Components

Joerg Reithmeier – Lippert Components

Over the past three years, Joerg Reithmeier has overseen a succession of key acquisitions for LCI, including initiatives which brought Polyplastic and Schaudt GmbH Elektrotechnik ...
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Gerd Adamietzki - Knaus Tabbert

Gerd Adamietzki – Knaus Tabbert

Even in a critical period like the current one we are experiencing, the Knaus Tabbert Group is demonstrating surprising energy: new models, new technology and ...
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Bernd Löher - Hobby

Bernd Löher – Hobby

Bernd Löher, Managing Director of Hobby arrived at the top of Hobby 3 years ago and had to manage problems and opportunities in pandemic and ...
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M. Kern, B. Wuschack - Carthago

M. Kern, B. Wuschack – Carthago

Markus Kern and Bernd Wuschack have the task of managing the current complex situation and guiding the Carthago group towards gradual change Words Antonio Mazzucchelli ...
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Henrik Fagrenius - Dometic

Henrik Fagrenius – Dometic

Aboutcamp had the chance to talk to Henrik Fagrenius, President of Segment EMEA, about the current situation at Dometic and the company’s strategy for the ...
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Jeff Rutherford - Airxcel

Jeff Rutherford – Airxcel

To find out how an international business supplying the RV industry on both sides of the Atlantic operates and adjusts to the challenges of a ...
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Alexander Wottrich - Truma

Alexander Wottrich – Truma

We interviewed Alexander Wottrich, the CEO of Truma Group: we asked his opinion on the current status of the business and the future goals of ...
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Marie Boulanger - Thetford

Marie Boulanger – Thetford

We interview Thetford Europe’s rising star, Marie Boulanger, who after 14 years with the company, and at the age of only 37, has been promoted ...
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Alexander Leopold - Erwin Hymer Group

Alexander Leopold – Erwin Hymer Group

Alexander Leopold is the CEO of Dethleffs and will be the next CEO of Erwin Hymer Group. Here are his views on how the historic ...
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