Todd Woelfer - THOR Industries

Todd Woelfer – THOR Industries

THOR Industries’ Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Todd Woelfer shares his insights on the future of RV design as an influx of new ...
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Markus Wahl - Pössl

Markus Wahl – Pössl

The campervan market has exploded and currently accounts for over 50 percent of all motorhomes sold. The Pössl Group produced approximately 15,000 vehicles in 2021 ...
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Fernando Ortiz - Benimar

Fernando Ortiz – Benimar

While being at the helm of Benimar for 20 years, Fernando Ortiz has brought the Spanish brand to the standards of the best European manufacturers ...
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Michel Vuillermoz - Laika

Michel Vuillermoz – Laika

The Head of Product Management at Laika, Michel Vuillermoz brings a lot of personal experience in the evaluation, use and promotion of recreational vehicles (RVs) ...
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Rob Quine - EHG UK

Rob Quine – EHG UK

Rob Quine took over as MD of what was then The Explorer Group, in 2008. It was the time of the credit crunch and finances ...
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Fred Bentley - Dexko

Fred Bentley – Dexko

DexKo Global president and CEO Fred Bentley champions a vertical integration strategy that addresses the unique challenges and opportunities of today’s business environmentWords Craig Ritchie ...
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Stéphane Gigou - Trigano

Stéphane Gigou – Trigano

An interview with Stéphane Gigou, the man that François Feuillet wanted as his successor for the management of Trigano, the company he led for 40 ...
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Giuseppe Pinto - Rapido Group

Giuseppe Pinto – Rapido Group

Giuseppe Pinto has been the general manager of PLA Camper and Giottiline, the brands acquired by the French group Rapido at the end of 2016, ...
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Bob Wheeler - Airstream

Bob Wheeler – Airstream

Airstream has differentiated its brand as a technology leader since it unveiled its very first trailer in 1931 Words Craig Ritchie and Antonio Mazzucchelli Leading ...
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Jens Kromer - Bürstner

Jens Kromer – Bürstner

Actually, it should be: drive sensibly and live luxuriously. These are the words of Jens Kromer, Managing Director of Bürstner GmbH, on his understanding of ...
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