28 November 2018
28 November 2018, Comments Comments Off on LCI appoints Lorenzo Manni as new Director of Sales, RV Europe
LCI appoints Lorenzo Manni as new Director of Sales, RV Europe

LCI Industries has announced the appointment of Lorenzo Manni, 34, to the role of Director of Sales, RV Europe.
“I will be facing this new challenge with the greatest enthusiasm, and I thank LCI for trusting me,” said Lorenzo Manni. “My task will be to unify all our European business units into a singular commercial division. No longer will we have separated functional groups. Instead, we will build a single team joining the skills and experience of the various companies that are part of the Lippert Components universe in Europe,” continued Lorenzo Manni.

Lorenzo Manni, who has a Masters degree in International Relationships from Florence University and speaks six languages, has worked in the RV sector for the last seven years. From 2012 to 2016, Lorenzo was Sales Manager at Project 2000, the Italian company best known for its bed-tilting systems for leisure vehicles, which LCI acquired in 2016. From June 2016 to September 2017 Lorenzo was responsible for International Business Development of LCI. Most recently, he was Marketing Manager for Metallarte, which was acquired by LCI in 2017.

Michele Checcucci, CEO of LCI RV Europe said: “I know that Lorenzo will be able to make a great contribution to the growth and development of LCI RV Europe, by professionally coordinating the various commercial divisions of LCI in Europe and leading our team towards important goals.”
“I’m also sure that he will play an important role in the interaction between Europe and North America, in terms of production and expansion on the market,” continued Michele Checcucci.

In addition to the development of the market in Europe, LCI RV Europe has the task of creating opportunities and synergies between North America and Europe. This includes strategies aimed to expand the number of European products available in the American market. A first phase has concluded with Project 2000’s tilting beds now also being produced in USA. A second phase has now started, of entering the US market with Metallarte’s doors and related accessories. Inversely, LCI’s expertise in automatic leveling and stabilization products and slide-out mechanisms are being used introduced to the European market as well.

“I am excited to work with Michele Checcucci,” said Lorenzo Manni; “He is a very skilled and charismatic leader, and an expert of the RV market after 25 years in the sector. Moreover, Michele is very client oriented and this is the best way to work to develop new business for LCI RV Europe in the future.”