1 July 2020
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Lapi Plast

LAPIPLAST operates in the field of plastic components using the specific technique of VACUUM HEATFORMING, a process applicable to many plastic materials, including polystyrene, abs, methylacrylic, polycarbonate. Amongst the most important characteristics of this type of process are the large dimensions of the heatformed parts (2000 x 3000mm), the precision cutting thanks to the 5 axis CNC robot and the reasonable cost of the necessary equipment. Lapiplast operates in two plants covering a total area of 15,000 square metres and its staff monitors the entire production process, from the planning with manual and CAD drawings, to the production of the models and the prototypes, up to the final production stages and the storage in a cutting edge tracked warehouse. The entire process is supported by the perfect coordination and synergy between the departments, and thanks to the flexibility of our procedures the company is able to meet the demands of clients operating in various fields of industry, guaranteeing excellent quality levels and competitive pricing. LAPIPLAST has developed a production process which fully respects the surrounding natural environment. There are no waste products because the residual material is recycled in accordance with the current legislation.

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