8 December 2023
8 December 2023, Comments Comments Off on LAMILUX SUNSATION® wins German Design Award 2024
LAMILUX SUNSATION® wins German Design Award 2024

The innovative gelcoat technology LAMILUX SUNSATION® has convinced the jury of the German Design Awards for the fourth time in a row and crowned the world’s most color- and gloss-resistant GRP with the “Special Mention” in the category “Excellent Product Design”.

Europe’s leading manufacturer of fibre-reinforced composites, LAMILUX Composites, presents LAMILUX SUNSATION®, the world’s most colour- and gloss resistant GRP face sheet and one of the most revolutionary developments in the world of glass fibre-reinforced plastics.

The 2,000% higher UV-resistance compared to standard gelcoats makes the vehicle side wall extremely colour fast, with excellent gloss retention, maintaining its brand-new look even after years in the sun. This significantly strengthens the respective brand image of the caravan manufacturer, while vehicle users are delighted that their investment looks like new for a very long time. The ultimate plus: LAMILUX Sunsation® significantly reduces the care requirements of exterior applications. Surfaces with extreme gloss retention no longer need to be waxed for preventive protection or subsequent repair. In figures, this means:  90 percent less effort and expense for waxing, thanks to the use of LAMILUX Sunsation®. The resulting, higher resale value of the vehicle rounds off the benefits.

“LAMILUX Sunsation® is not a polish, cream or wax, but an UV protection technology that is firmly integrated into the GRP material. This means that nothing has to be applied at a later stage. Please ask your dealer or manufacturer about LAMILUX Sunsation®,” says Senior Product Manager Sascha Oswald.

LAMILUX Sunsation’s® innovative technology can be combined with almost all LAMILUX products. Whether it’s the most sophisticated look, the highest impact resistance and damage tolerance or the lightest in lightweight construction: LAMILUX Sunsation®, the new GRP standard in the sun, is perfectly equipped for any external application, no matter how demanding.

For this remarkable design achievement, the German Design Award honors LAMILUX Composites with the Special Mention in the category “Excellent Product Design”. The “Special Mention” distinction of the German Design Awards is awarded for remarkable design achievements. Design submissions that impress with a special approach or aspect can stand out from the competition with the “Special Mention” label.

The German Design Awards are the premium prize of the German Design Council. With its global scope and international appeal, it is one of the most prestigious awards in the design landscape across all industries. Since 2012, the German Design Awards have been identifying key design trends, presenting them to a broad public and honouring them. Extraordinary submissions in product design, communications design and architecture are selected each year.