20 January 2023
20 January 2023, Comments Comments Off on Lamilux Sunsation gelcoat technology redefines the standard for exterior applications
Lamilux Sunsation gelcoat technology redefines the standard for exterior applications

Lamilux Composites, a leading European manufacturer of fibre-reinforced composites, has introduced LAMILUX SUNSATION®, which it says is the world’s most UV-resistant GRP face sheet and one of the most revolutionary developments in the world of glass fibre-reinforced plastics.

The new gelcoat technology used in LAMILUX SUNSATION® features 20 times better UV resistance than the gelcoats currently available on the market. This revolution in fibre composite plastics will redefine the standard for exterior applications in terms of image, appearance, care and value as it makes investments look like new, even after decades in the sun.

In artificial weathering tests, such as according DIN EN ISO 4892-2, LAMILUX SUNSATION® demonstrates
absolute resistance. Even after 15 to 20 years of real weathering, LAMILUX SUNSATION® retains its rich colours and maximum gloss. The results of the tests confirm the revolutionary development for GRP exterior applications.

LAMILUX SUNSATION® also reduces the care requirements of exterior applications. Surfaces that don’t dull or lose their gloss do not need to be waxed for preventive protection or subsequent repair. In figures, this means: 90 percent less effort and expense for waxing, thanks to LAMILUX SUNSATION®, plus a higher resale value due to the enhanced appearance.

LAMILUX SUNSATION’s® innovative technology can be combined with almost all LAMILUX products and has already won three jury awards since its launch: German Innovation Award, AVK Innovation Award and German Design Award.

The jury at the German Innovation Awards named LAMILUX SUNSATION® “winner”, as the new technology provides advancement for the industry due to its originality, accomplishment and effectiveness.

LAMILUX SUNSATION® also impressed the jury of the AVK Innovation Prize where it won first place in the “Innovative Products and Applications” category. In addition, the jury of the industry association Verstärkte Kunstoffe (Reinforced Plastics), or AVK for short, were convinced that LAMILUX attaches great importance to production carried out in a resource- and energy-efficient as well as environmentally friendly manner.

The German Design Award gave LAMILUX SUNSATION a “Special Mention” in the “Excellent Product Design” category. For 10 years, the German Design Award has been honouring products that are pioneering in the German and international design landscape. The German Design Award is one of the most prestigious design awards in the world and enjoys a high reputation far beyond expert circles.

LAMILUX Composites GmbH has been producing fibre-reinforced plastics for around 70 years. The medium-sized company has large manufacturing capacities and wide product range. LAMILUX supplies customers around the globe in a wide range of sectors, such as the building industry, the automotive and recreational vehicle sectors, refrigerated store room and cell construction, and many other industrial sectors. With more than 1,250 employees, LAMILUX generated a turnover of 335 million euros in 2021. The family-managed company is based in Rehau, Bavaria.