8 January 2024
8 January 2024, Comments Comments Off on LAMILUX develops sandwich panel configurator
LAMILUX develops sandwich panel configurator

LAMILUX has developed a sandwich panel configurator so customers can create a bespoke test to help them choose which glass fibre-reinforced plastics (GRP) are best to use as a top layer.

The configurator is available online: https://www.lamilux.com/composites/service/sandwich-panel-configurator.html#c90265

Thanks to the composition of reinforcement materials such as glass fibres and a plastic matrix, glass fibre-reinforced plastics (GRP) can be used in a wide variety of areas in addition to the caravan, commercial vehicle and bus sectors, such as construction and in medical and food technology. The same goes for the sports industry and for different types of containers.

Fibre composites have impressive longevity, low weight and weathering and hail resistance. They are also electrically insulating, easy to process and resistant to heat and humidity. GRP materials also score highly with their appearance in a wide range of application areas.

Thanks to all these advantages and the possibilities for further processing, GRP is already replacing many traditional materials such as wood, steel or aluminium in a wide range of applications.