24 March 2022
24 March 2022, Comments Comments Off on LAMILUX Composites announces price adjustment due to rising costs of raw materials
LAMILUX Composites announces price adjustment due to rising costs of raw materials

LAMILUX Composites, the specialist for fibre-reinforced composites, has announced a pricing surcharge from 01/04/2022 due to rising costs caused by a combination of a global pandemic, the Ukraine war, and a significantly reduced availability of raw materials.

The sectors of resin and glass, which LAMILUX Composites purchases as raw materials, are particularly affected by the price increases. In addition, due to the bottleneck situations and the associated price increases in the sectors of oil, gas and electricity, the energy costs for the preliminary raw materials are also massively increasing, which LAMILUX Composites unfortunately cannot fully absorb despite all efforts and consequently has to pass on part of this to its customers.

LAMILUX Composites’ primary goal is to continue to avoid production interruptions for customers, which is why the company stocks up on sufficient raw materials even at increased prices. It is currently an extremely dynamic upward spiral, which LAMILUX Composites always keeps an eye on. Should the prevailing situation improve again, the company will adjust or withdraw the surcharge as quickly as possible and pass it on to its customers.

“It is our aim is to continue to be able to supply our customers with the usual quality and on-time delivery. We hope for the understanding of our customers and for their support in this special situation, in which we rely on clear communication with them,” reports Oliver Liebsch, Sales Manager LAMILUX Composites. Last year, which was marked by the challenges of the corona pandemic, raw material shortages and enormous price increases, LAMILUX Composites was able to prove itself to be a high-performance partner, who always places its customers at the heart of its daily activities, even in turbulent and difficult times.