3 June 2021
3 June 2021, Comments Comments Off on Knaus Tabbert launches innovative “We are holidays”advertising campaign across Europe
Knaus Tabbert launches innovative “We are holidays”advertising campaign across Europe

In place of exhibiting at trade fairs this year, Knaus Tabbert AG, the manufacturer of motorhomes, caravaning utility vehicles (CUVs) and caravans, has a Europe-wide advertising campaign that aims to reach 300 million people across all multimedia channels, particularly beginners.

“We are holidays” is the snappy main line in the campaign, which launched at the start of May 2021 and culminates in the “OPEN DEALER DAYS” from 7 June 2021 to 13 June 2021. The participating dealers will provide advice on site throughout Europe where possible.

Caravaning has arrived in the centre of society, and this wide-ranging campaign targets precisely that demographic. In particular, it offers beginners a direct route to the important, but often lacking, guidance in this market that not only lay persons find difficult to navigate. Interest from this group has grown significantly grown again.

Gerd Adamietzki, Director and CSO of Knaus Tabbert AG: “Presence in the media is important now more than ever. By way of this spectacular advertising drive – running at the same time across Europe – we want to offer a guide to many interested parties and potential new customers and better inform them about our strong product brands as well as the
innovative power of Knaus Tabbert.”

The campaign includes concise 30-second spots that are not only prominently placed before the main TV news programmes on the major channels. There are also print advertisements in all key trade and public media, which are supported by targeted out-of-home advertising with large-scale posters on frequently used streets as well as output in all relevant online and social media channels.

They will provide a sophisticated form of digital product advice via messenger and video apps to present to all interested parties who cannot take part in person all the advantages of individual models in a comprehensive and lively manner which previously has only been possible via personal meetings. Based on calculations, the campaign will
generate about 250,000 views for each dealer.

Customers can expect to save up to EUR 19,824 on special models as part of the “We are holidays” campaign. They will also benefit from numerous equipment highlights, and interested parties have the chance of winning a two-week holiday as a main prize and 9×1 weekends in a motorhome.

KNAUS, TABBERT, WEINSBERG, T@B and the rent brand RENT AND TRAVEL make up the five brands taking part in this major advertising drive under the aegis of Knaus Tabbert.

In that respect, “We are holidays” stands for the promise of an independent, self-determined and safe holiday – terms in 2021 that are more important and valued higher than ever before.

In addition, Knaus Tabbert has also notched up a further success by scheduling the campaign for May 2021. While the vaccination campaign is gaining momentum in many regions, and trips to an increasing number of destinations are possible again, it is clear that interest in caravanning has increased once again among the population. The precise time at which Knaus Tabbert is launching an impressive advertising campaign on all channels. And Knaus Tabbert will be able to react flexibly in the event that the OPEN DEALER DAYS are cancelled in individual federal states or regions.