17 June 2024
17 June 2024, Comments Comments Off on Knaus Tabbert announces two new campervan ranges and a new Cleanflex toilet system
Knaus Tabbert announces two new campervan ranges and a new Cleanflex toilet system

The annual Knaus Tabbert press conference included the world premiere of two new campervan model ranges, the Knaus Cascan and the Weinsberg X-Pedition, plus a new Cleanflex toilet system that does away with the traditional cassette, and a new option called OWN for customers to personalise the exterior of their Knaus or Weinsberg motorhomes. It also announced that for 2025 it is fitting new WiFi aerials as standard in many models and new chargers optimised for lithium batteries.

The Knaus Cascan and the Weinsberg X-Pedition both use a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter base vehicle. They both have extremely different characters and appearances. Both concepts are coherent yet appear – apart from the vehicle electronics – to be completely different from each other. Knaus Tabbert says that both are defined by ‘being a spectacularly long way away from the norm. This is precisely what the Vision in Motion slogan represents.’

CLEANFLEX is a waterless toilet system that saves on water, space and weight. Knaus says it makes disposal much more convenient, while also offering greater self-sufficiency. It will be offered in all models where this is technically possible from 2025 onwards (but, for technical reasons, not on models with bench toilets).

The CLEANFLEX system leaves a hygienic, fresh toilet after each and every use. Every time the toilet is used, the system autonomously welds a film bag into position with a heated wire that is powered by a battery. This can handle organic waste, nappies or sanitary products. Any contents are then stored in a drawer for disposal with typical household waste without any smell whatsoever. Knaus says it can remain there for several day without issues.

An indicator always provides information about the supply of film left available. Replacement cartridges do not take up much space. Depending on requirements, the user can choose from three different types of film. Alongside hi-tech films that are produced in several layers, there is also a version which can be composted to make CLEANFLEX one of the most environmentally friendly solutions in its field.

There are several other benefits: As no flushing is required, the supply of fresh water on board can be used less and as there is no need for a fixed cassette, the CLEANFLEX toilet can be easily be moved into a niche when not in use. This looks great and also provides fresh scope for the functional design of the bathroom. The space that is gained does not just mean more room and greater scope for the floor plan, but also makes showering a more comfortable experience. Also, there is no need for an access flap on the outer wall of the vehicle. The use of CLEANFLEX also means there is no need to avoid irritating smells. In addition, the system is surprisingly light, weighing around 8kg.

Knaus Tabbert is fitting the CLEANFLEX system in new models such as the Knaus Cascan and Weinsberg X-Pedition. It will also be available as an option in other models at an extra cost.

The new OWN line from Knaus Tabbert is an option for customising Knaus or Weinsberg motorhomes. From an attractive “waterfall radiator grille” to a dynamic front apron and a powerful combination of tyres and rims, OWN makes Knaus and Weinsberg motorhomes even more attractive.