11 July 2019
11 July 2019, Comments Comments Off on Knaus Tabbert adds new BWT water filter system for 2020 models
Knaus Tabbert adds new BWT water filter system for 2020 models

A new BWT water system is being fitted to Knaus Tabbert caravans and motorhomes for the 2020 model year to filter the water to make it cleaner and softer, as well as leaving less calcium stains in the shower and sink. The BWT water filter system can also be retrofitted in older Knaus Tabbert models.

The water system helps to filter a number of substances that contaminate drinking water, such as: pesticides, nitrate, household chemicals, residues of pharmaceuticals, pathogens, chlorine, lime, heavy metal particles or suspended particles.

In addition, the pipes, hoses and tanks of motorhomes and caravans are not normally flushed regularly, so that over time deposits and bacteria can form – as is the case in coffee machines or kettles. Water that has remained in containers and pipes for too long will not stay fresh. Above all, heat causes a film to form in the water tank. This provides an ideal breeding ground for microorganisms. Under these conditions, even germs multiply significantly faster.

These germs can also infiltrate the pumps and fittings. Calcification deposits are another problem that can promote germ formation. If the water remains standing for just a few days, this is usually unproblematic. However, the water will quickly develop a stale taste. For those who take their caravan into warmer regions, they must be aware that the warmer it gets, the more germs will be generated if the water stays in the tank too long. Only if water is stored in an air-tight container, then it can be used for an almost unlimited period of time.

Regular cleaning and disinfection of the fresh water tank reduces the risk of bacterial contamination. This type of cleaning should be performed twice a year. Depending on the age and condition of the water system, special cleaning and descaling agents are available from specialist dealers. Today, the use of so-called silver ions to combat germs is controversial. According to the most recent interpretation of the Drinking Water Ordinance, at least soluble additives containing silver chloride are considered problematic. Knaus Tabbert now prevents this with the standard BWT water filter – ensuring that standing water no longer stinks.