12 January 2024
12 January 2024, Comments Comments Off on Knaus Tabbert 2024 models at CMT show its focus on the future of e-caravanning
Knaus Tabbert 2024 models at CMT show its focus on the future of e-caravanning

With electric as the buzzword for today’s mobility, Knaus Tabbert is building on these developments and sending a positive signal for the electromobility of the future, especially for modern caravanning, with its 2024 models on display at this year’s CMT Stuttgart.

The development team at Knaus Tabbert has confidently faced the challenges of future e‐caravanning with fresh and innovative ideas to significantly reduce the energy consumption of electric towing vehicles to enable practicable ranges for the user.

For example. the KNAUS YASEO – an innovative and state-of-the-art caravan with lightweight construction to a reduction in air resistance thanks to the optimised front surface to the complete electrification of all essential camping functions for cooking, cooling or heating. In addition, there is a completely new flexibility in living space design, which offers the same comfort functions of much larger vehicles on a comparatively small footprint.

The new models from the Knaus Tabbert Group at CMT 2024, include:


  • TOURER CUV 500 LT and TOURER CUVISION 500 LT : Small when parking, big in the space. The new caravan utility vehicles redefine the topic of lifting roofs.
  • VAN TI PLUS and VAN TI PLUS PLATINUM SELECTION : more comfort, less weight – successful models have been significantly improved.
  • VAN WAVE and VAN WAVE VANSATION on VW Crafter – weight reduction despite new features.
  • VAN TI 640 MEG VANSATION : In the future on VW Crafter .
  • New YASEO : Unique in the sum of its clever ideas – the flexible caravan of today for the electromobility of tomorrow .
  • SÜDWIND and SPORT & FUN BLACK SELECTION : Refined in detail. 


  • X-Cursion CUV and X-Cursion CUV EDITION [PEPPER] : Slim like a Bulli, spacious like a VINEYARD.
  • CaraLife : Modern lifestyle in a boldly designed camper van.
  • CaraSuite/CaraLoft : More floor plans for more variety.
  • OWN : Individual design for PEPPER models on Mercedes Sprinter.


  • Anniversary : ​​TABBERT celebrates its 70th birthday. 
  • SENARA : New entry into the premium world. New floor plan: 550 DMK.
  • PANTIGA : Portfolio is being expanded.