7 February 2022
7 February 2022, Comments Comments Off on The Japan Camping Car Show opens this week
The Japan Camping Car Show opens this week

From 10th to 13th February, the Camping Car Show takes place in Japan at the largest Japanese event venue, Makuhari Messe, located on the outskirts of Tokyo.  This show kicks off the new season under the theme “Protect, Work, Enjoy. The Potentials of Camping Cars.”

Despite parts of Japan being under a quasi-state of emergency, the government has allowed for the hosting of shows which follow rules and restrictions dictated for such events. 

Having gained extensive experience in the past year from hosting several successful shows despite the pandemic, the Japanese RV Associations (JRVA) decided to go ahead and host the Camping Car Show. 

The show runs for four days, held at the same time as a 3-day weekend and is spread over 27,000 m² with most of the Japanese Manufactures and European Importers present.

Be sure to check out the full show coverage in the March issue of Aboutcamp BtoB.

(Bartek Radzimski)