20 May 2024
20 May 2024, Comments Comments Off on Indel B achieves Q1 2024 revenue of €53.4 million
Indel B achieves Q1 2024 revenue of €53.4 million

.Indel B S.p.A. achieved consolidated sales revenues of €53.4 million at 31 March 2024

Luca Bora, CEO Indel B, said: “The sales results of the first quarter, although down, just go to show once again that the company’s decisions are the right ones and their implementation is effective. The drop in revenues should be considered very small compared to the trend in the reference markets, and it should also be remembered that they compare with what was the best period in the group’s history. The drop in revenues is generalised, with the only exception of the Components & Spare Parts business, which is essentially in line with the same period of the previous year, demonstrating that the weak market situation is truly generalised.

Although there has been a drop in revenues, we are satisfied with the results we approved today. Despite a very complex and challenging market environment, which is expected to remain so throughout 2024, we have managed
to contain its impact on the Group’s numbers, which once again shows resilience to the difficulties and weaknesses of certain economic cycles. The results once again confirm the validity of our strategic plans, which will continue to guide our actions.
The company remains positive in the medium to long term, as per se the reference markets do not show any criticality on their fundamentals or other disruptive risks; however, it remains difficult to predict and quantify how the current macroeconomic situation and market conditions will continue to affect the Group’s results in the short term.”