12 January 2024
12 January 2024, Comments Comments Off on Hobby to launch second VW Crafter Maxia van conversion at CMT Stuttgart
Hobby to launch second VW Crafter Maxia van conversion at CMT Stuttgart

Hobby is launching a second layout for its VW Crafter-based Maxia van conversion at the CMT show in Stuttgart (13 – 21 January 2024).

The new model, the Maxia 680 DT, is a two-berth with a multifunctional rear seating/sleeping area that can be used as a mobile workspace in a face-to-face seating area during the day, or as a cosy U-shaped seating area, and then as either single beds or a double bed measuring 2 m in length. A three-layer upholstery/slatted frame system with an additional mattress topper makes the bed extra comfortable. Thanks to the adjustable seats, the relax position with  inclined backrest makes it a comfortable. During the day, the toppers can be transformed into cushions by placing them inside a cover. 

There is a seating area at the front for two people and a large wardrobe cabinet with lighting inside and can be adapted to suit individual requirements with either a clothes rail or two shelves. The swivelling pedestal table can be used between the cab seats or at the rear between the bench seats. When the table is not in use, it can be easily stowed away in the double floor, which comes as standard.

The interior features Hobby’s cozy “hygge” style featuring light walnut wood and the grey V-Flex felt-effect lining leave plenty of room for creativity.

It has a 177 bhp engine and an 8-speed automatic transmission and weighs under 3.5 tonnes with a layload of over 300kg.