14 February 2022
14 February 2022, Comments Comments Off on Hobby adds E-Trailer starter package and E-Gaslevel module as options
Hobby adds E-Trailer starter package and E-Gaslevel module as options

Customers of Hobby will be able to select an E-Trailer starter package and an E-Gaslevel module as options when purchasing a new caravan or motorhome. The E-Trailer company’s smart caravanning solutions enable Hobby caravans or motorhomes to check the battery’s charge level and the gas bottle’s fill level using a smartphone. In addition, the inclination of the leisure vehicle can be displayed on the smartphone, which helps with levelling. The E-Trailer starter package is also the basis for further modules that are sold through the caravanning trade. 

The E-Trailer starter package is installed by Hobby directly ex-works, provided the customer has opted for the option. The specialist caravan dealer only has to activate the system together with the customer when the leisure vehicle is delivered.

The E-Trailer starter package consists of the E-Connect base station to be installed in the vehicle, the E-Volt and E-Level modules and the free E-Trailer app. With this starter package, owners of motorhomes and caravans can always keep an eye on the charging status of their living space battery and the inclination of their vehicle with their smartphone.

In addition, the starter package opens up the possibility of adding numerous other E-Trailer modules. With the E-Gaslevel module, which is also included in the Hobby option, the filling level of the gas bottle can be read on the smartphone with percentage accuracy.

The following E-Trailer modules are also available from dealers to supplement the system:

E-Pressure – Display of tyre pressure

E-Load – Display of the ball pressure

E-Waterlevel  – Display of the fill level of the fresh water tank

E-Temperature – Display of temperature and air humidity

E-Switch – Display of open windows or roof hatches

E-Trailer B.V. is a young, fast-growing company based in Delft in the Netherlands. After founding the company in 2016, the two founders Rick Lenssen and Boy Trip developed the E-Trailer solution, which they launched in 2017. Their goal is to make caravanning safer and more comfortable. With the help of a financial investor, they expanded their commitment in the Netherlands, where more than 50 caravanning dealers now offer their modules. Since 2019, the E-Trailer team, which now has 16 employees, has been pursuing the expansion of its activities to other large caravanning markets in Europe, including Germany.