7 January 2020
7 January 2020, Comments Comments Off on Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

AboutcampBtoB would like to wish all professionals in the global caravan industry a Happy (and successful) New Year – and decade.

With many extending the Christmas and New Year holidays to last weekend, in most countries, today is the first day back at work in 2020 for a lot of people in the caravan industry – or certainly for those based in the northern hemisphere.

We have already enjoyed seeing some creative Happy New Year messages created by the marketing teams at the Rapido Group, Erwin Hymer Group and the REV Group.

The most creative of these messages so far is the “Meilleurs Vœux 2020!” (Best Wishes for 2020!) featuring 275 of its staff which the Rapido Group posted on its Rapido Motorhome Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/rapidocampingcar/videos/570672147107011/

The Erwin Hymer Group’s Facebook message shows one of its A-class motorhomes surrounded by snowy Alpine scenery with a Happy New Year message with an animation of some helium balloons in the numbers ‘2020’: https://www.facebook.com/ErwinHymerGroup/videos/2518594465083908/

America’s REV Group, the parent company of 29 brands of speciality vehicles, ranging from luxury RVs to ambulances and construction equipment, went to great lengths for its Happy New Year message by lining up over 150 models to create a shape saying ‘2020’ and the REV logo: https://www.facebook.com/REVGroupInc/videos/611716289591336/

If you have seen any other creative Happy New Year messages from the caravan industry, please let us know!