1 July 2020
1 July 2020, Comments Comments Off on Go RVing’s ‘Go On A Real Vacation’ campaign achieves impressive results
Go RVing's 'Go On A Real Vacation' campaign achieves impressive results

The RVIA’s latest Go RVing campaign, ‘Go On A Real Vacation’, has reached nearly 264 million people since it was launched in May to coincide with travel restrictions starting to be lifted in the USA. The campaign focused on families who have reconnected during the sheltering period and are looking for ways to expand those connections while still seeking to avoid crowds and practice social distancing.

Commenting on the campaign, Go RVing Vice President of Brand Marketing and Communications Karen Redfern said: “Let’s remind people of the freedom that comes with traveling in an RV. After months of being stuck in the proverbial passenger seat, it’s time to take the wheel. It’s time to not merely go on vacation, but to Go on a Real Vacation – one that only RVing can offer.”

The campaign has used advertising on social media and radio since launching in early June. A series of ads serves as a reminder to people of the freedom that comes with traveling in an RV, driving the consumers to their nearest RV dealership where they can join the 46 million Americans planning an RV trip this year.

The social ads, running on Facebook and Instagram, have four themes as its creative base: #RoamOutside, You Need an RV, You Can Control Your Destination, and Your House, Your Rules.

Each theme has multiple variations of vehicles, people, and locations, allowing consumers to find a message that personally resonates with them.

Since launching the paid campaign on June 8, its generated 34.9 million impressions—which does not include Go RVing’s organic social media which has been running the new campaign since May 14.

In addition, a radio advertisement on traditional radio and streaming services, plays off relatable “indoor recreation” experiences many Americans were forced to adopt over the past couple of months during stay-at-home orders. It turns those experiences from “what was” to “what can be” – with an RV and ignites the desire to get back outdoors and discover a better way of travel in this “new normal.”

The radio ad targets specifically outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy sightseeing, spending time with family, visiting the beach, and historical sights, a main audience of Go RVing, and heavy consumers of radio. Since launching on June 3, the radio ads have garnered 228.9 million impressions.

“We are excited about the energy the new campaign brings,” said RV Industry Association President Craig Kirby. “Go on a Real Vacation embraces a bolder, more direct messaging to consumers. It reminds consumers that an RV gives them permission to take control. To vacation on their own terms and with their own agenda. It’s the difference between a trip to remember, and one you’ll never forget.”

Go RVing is currently working on additional components of the Go On A Real Vacation campaign, including print and television ads. Be sure to follow Go RVing on Instagram and Facebook to see the latest ads!