27 June 2024
27 June 2024, Comments Comments Off on Go RVing 2023 Annual Report shows continued success driving new consumer connections
Go RVing 2023 Annual Report shows continued success driving new consumer connections

Against its mission statement to grow and expand the RV market by attracting new customers to RVing, highlights of the Go RVing 2023 Annual Report include achieving 1.5 billion total impressions, 5.5 million visitors to the Go RVing website and $150 million in earned media during the year.

It also hosted 13 experiential events with nearly 100,000 tours of RVs. Its revenue for the year was $17,596,164 against expenses of $26,942,950.

Commenting on the 2023 Annual Report, Karen Redfern, Go RVing Chief Marketing Officer said: “Most prospective new consumers turn to the digital world for ideas, inspiration, education, and
recommendations from friends and those they trust the most. We focus much of our messaging in that
digital environment where we can connect with and get to know consumers through data.”

In 2023, Go RVing continued to showcase what it means to “Go on a Real Vacation” through a
comprehensive campaign that reached consumers through web, social, video, audio, events, and more.
The “Go on a Real Vacation” campaign introduced millions of Americans to the freedom of RV travel
and consistently driving forward the positive benefits of RVing.

2023 had its share of ups and downs but throughout, Go RVing continued to seek out audiences most open to positive messages through the Go on a Real Vacation campaign that focused on two primary objectives; to recruit and retain RV buyers.

Nearly three decades since the program first began, Go RVing continues to be a marketing and consumer
awareness thought-leader, introducing millions of Americans to the freedom and control of RV travel
and building a desire for the adventures that await.

A cornerstone of Go RVing over the last three years has been to actively build a repository of data about preferences and habits of new owners, prospective owners, and emerging segments of the population who might become RVers in the future. The more that is known about those who are likely to become RV buyers, the more targeted and impactful marketing messages can be.

Go RVing Coalition Co-Chair, Renee Jones said: “While the COVID-19 pandemic left the industry clamoring to meet increased consumer demand, questions arise as to how the RV industry can retain heightened levels of consumer enthusiasm and purchase consideration – that’s where Go RVing
is vital to making new consumer connections.”

Partnering with Ipsos, the global leader in market research, Go RVing developed a comprehensive look at the buying process customers go through for their first-time and repeat RV purchases. Recognizing the key differences between Towable and Motorhome buyers, segmented reports for those specific buying groups were developed.

One of the biggest takeaways from the study was the positive impact of time spent outdoors, especially during childhood. It’s why Go RVing continues to focus on families with children in the home.

In addition to market analysis, Go RVing continued its in-person experiential events as a way to expose diverse audiences to RVing and an active outdoor lifestyle. These exhibits occur at music and food festivals, outdoor competitions, state fairs, and sporting events and provide consumers with real-world
opportunities to directly engage with RVs, leading them to share their experiences and becoming more likely to make a purchase themselves. A large number of the attendees at these events are exploring an RV for the first time, learning about the diversity of model types and discovering that the accessibility of
RV travel is a lot more affordable than they imagined.

In 2023, Go RVing hosted 13 experiential events and gave a total of 94,574 RV tours to curious
consumers. There are 12 experiential events currently scheduled for 2024 and Go RVing is looking forward to connecting with consumers across the country.

A full copy of the Go RVing Annual Report 2023 is available here: https://www.rvia.org/system/files/media/file/2023%20Go%20RVing%20Annual%20Report.pdf