29 March 2021
29 March 2021, Comments Comments Off on Gianluca Cricchi appointed as Director of Operations of Lippert, RV Italy
Gianluca Cricchi appointed as Director of Operations of Lippert, RV Italy

Lippert has appointed Gianluca Cricchi (49) to the role of Director of Operations, Lippert, RV Italy. A graduate of mechanical engineering from the University of Florence, Gianluca Cricchi has accumulated great experience in the management of operations activities (production, supply chain, quality, engineering and product development) and also in product marketing. Previously, he has worked for the multinational company, Electrolux, for over 10 years as a Project Manager and then Process Engineer and Manufacturing Manager. In 2010 he joined the Italian group, Targetti, the technical and architectural lighting specialist, in the role of Vice President Operations and Product Marketing, before becoming the General Manager of Targetti Sankey.

“I am thrilled to welcome Gianluca Cricchi to our team,” declared Michele Checcucci, CEO of Lippert, RV Italy.

“He is a professional that Jim Menefee and I have strongly wanted to allow the group to grow further and improve itself. He is an expert in production planning, management of efficiency programs and process engineering, and was responsible for the complete re-engineering of a large production plant – all skills that will be extremely useful to a business like ours that has grown through acquisitions and has six business units in Italy with very different production volumes and turnover. I have no doubt that Gianluca’s experience will allow us to optimize production, processes and costs. I was able to choose the best from a wide range of candidates. This is another advantage of working in a company like the Lippert Group, which puts people first and has the resources to choose the best,” he added.

Gianluca Cricchi, Director of Operations Lippert, RV Italy said: “The mantra, ‘whenever, wherever, we make your experience better’ perfectly summarizes the company philosophy that I firmly believe: paying great attention to people is a determining factor in maintaining market leadership and being able to meet customer needs. My goal, at the operations level, is to consolidate Lippert’s reputation as a trusted supplier to RV customers and to try to give this a further boost so that their needs are always met. Lippert is a company that has grown through acquisitions and it is important to standardize production methods by applying lean manufacturing concepts. In some areas these concepts are already applied, but not in others. We want to lead the development towards industry 4.0 – a model partially already present in Lippert, but that we can implement and improve with the means available.”