3 June 2019
3 June 2019, Comments Comments Off on German Innovation Awards honour caravanning
German Innovation Awards honour caravanning

The German Innovation Awards from the German Design Council honour products and solutions that are user-focused and provide added value, across all industrial sectors – including caravanning. Winners from the caravan industry in this year’s results include well known manufacturers, such as Bürstner and Hymer, plus smaller, less well known businesses, like Sportcarazvan, FIM caravans, Camp Line, and Tetrano Caravans.

The German Design Council promotes dialogue between small and large companies, suppliers and manufacturers, potential partners and the public. 

The competition is aimed not only at industrial giants, but anyone who contributes to a better future with his or her innovation, so everyone has an equal opportunity to win with their innovations. In addition to engineering, or other technological achievements, services can also generate added value.

This year’s winners were published on the website: https://www.german-innovation-award.de .Some of them are in the caravanning sector.

Bürstner IXEO I 736

Winner – Excellence in Business to Consumer – Transportation.

The Bürstner Ixeo I 736, takes an important step into the future. Fully-integrated, it is the new face of the Ixeo-Family and represents the upper mainstream segment with quality, design and comfort. The highlights inside the Ixeo I 736 are the two opposing seating groups with a large table in the centre, which provide lots of space for a cosy get-together. The highlight in the bedroom is the large queen-size bed.

Bürstner – LYSEO TD 745

Winner – Excellence in Business to Consumer – Transportation

For those who don’t want to do without a living room on holiday, the Lyseo TD 745 is the perfect solution with a floor plan that ensures #wellbeing. Considered a real trendsetter, this motorhome surprises and impresses with many transformation possibilites.

Gross Anhänger GmbH: SPORTCARAVAN

Winner – Excellence in Business to Consumer Travel, Sports & Outdoor Goods

A caravan with a garage for up to three motorcycles, mountain bikes or whatever you like. A caravan cabin for up to four people. SPORTCARAVAN has established a new market segment: It combines a cool transport and living solution for those who want to take their motorcycles on longer trips or carry their sports equipment with them and do not want to stay in a hotel. The equipment includes beds, seats, kitchen, shower and a toilet.

FIM Management Group SRL MIGRATOR

Winner – Excellence in Business to Consumer – Transportation

FIM Caravans is a Romanian brand started by FIM Management Group SRL, a Romanian company founded in 2014 whose aim is to introduce an innovative alternative into the recreational vehicles market by designing and manufacturing off-road mini caravans. Migrator is the first mini caravan model introduced by Fim Caravans after a two year period dedicated to design and testing. Due to its unique design, Migrator is the ultimate off-road mini caravan. Since it is basically a single block of fibreglass, its light and compact structure allows you to have the flexibility and the agility you need when starting an adventure. Furthermore, it combines tent accommodation, optimal travel pleasure, convenience and comfort with a modern design. All this makes Migrator perfect for a weekend of relaxation or a vacation away from the city!

Camp-Line Die Camper-Manufaktur – CAMP-LINE INDUSTRIAL

Winner – Excellence in Business to Consumer – Transportation

Camp Line stands for individuality and the most advanced technology in unprecedented quality. With specially designed furniture fittings, Camp Line provides more security in everyday life and, above all, more security on the way to your vacation. The special soundproofing means this van glides through cities like an upscale middle-class car.


Winner – Excellence in Business to Consumer – Transportation

Tetrano® is a startup company in Southern Germany, which for the first time has developed a 100 % independent travel option for tetraplegics. Its innovative caravan solution also appeals to wheelchair users, families with physically disabled family members and pensioners who want to start enjoying barrier-free travel. The prototype has been complete since the summer of 2016 and is currently being tested and optimised throughout Europe.


Winner – Excellence in Business to Business – Automotive Technologies

The HYMER – Smart-Battery-System is a unique solution for leisure vehicles that stores energy in both lithium and lead batteries and controls their charge status in an intelligent way. Benefits include: increase in self-sufficiency from 1.4 days to as much as 9.6 days at the typical rate of use improvement in battery efficiency (from 50 % to as much as 80 %).


Gold – Excellence in Business to Business Automotive Technologies

UCCON by TEAMOBILITY: the transformation of urban mobility and supply! Universally applicable platform chassis in Longlife Engineering & Design for adaptable bodies in Customized Body & Interior Design. A low-emission integral chassis makes up about 75 % of the total vehicle price! For reasons of resource and energy efficiency, therefore, high-quality platforms, expensive lightweight materials and durable powertrain systems should be used for much longer than a model cycle or the lifetime of some body and interior components allow. Based on the scalable UCCON platform, a modern example of urban cab design for city shuttle buses and vans of all kinds was developed with a variable cockpit, sensors, radar and lidar cameras for fully automated driving. A future-focused UCCON ecosystem: user-driven, sustainable as well as being ecologically, technologically and economically consistent, it keeps mobility attractive!

EMKA Beschlagteile GmbH & Co. KG ECAM

Winner – Excellence in Business to Business Electronic Technologies.

The innovative electronic safety company EMKA has complemented its portfolio of electronic locking systems with a new system, eCam. With this solution, the company addresses the question of the electronic protection of goods in the caravan industry. An electromechanical cam lock fitted in the interior secures doors and flaps on the caravan against unauthorised opening – for example to protect against theft or sabotage. As the system can be adjusted to the customer’s individual needs – depending on how they intend to control the locks electronically – actuation is possible by RFID card reader, PIN code, fingerprint and many other methods. This solution excels at achieving a small fitting dimension, allowing it to be installed in both new and existing systems. The integrated mechanical emergency opening enables manual opening if the electromechanical lock cannot be activated. eCam can therefore also be integrated into access control systems and machine controls.