31 August 2020
31 August 2020, Comments Comments Off on Frankana becomes majority shareholder of Dimatec
Frankana becomes majority shareholder of Dimatec

The German wholesale camping and leisure accessories company, Frankana Freiko, have acquired the majority of shares in the Italian company, Dimatec S.p.A., with retroactive effect from 1 January 2020.

At the beginning of the 1980’s, five former employees of Knaus established Frankana. Now Frankana and its affiliated firm Freiko, are one of the leading wholesalers in the camping and leisure accessories sector. Its range covers more than 12,000 products from camping guides to solar panels. More than 70 percent of goods are delivered by its own transport fleet of more than 20 lorries.

Dimatec S.p.a. has been in business for over three decades. Officially founded in 1983, the company’s roots go much further back, as its founder, Richard Pirovino, began doing business in the sector in 1974. In 1989, Dimatec entered the lighting sector manufacturing lamps. Dimatec operates both in the OEM and aftermarket, selling its own products while also acting as a sales agent. It brings together recreational vehicle manufacturers and component producers, offering a huge range of accessories and spare parts.

Dimatec has 20 employees and a turnover of €12 million. About 50 percent of the turnover is derived from the OEM market, with the remaining 50 percent from the aftermarket.